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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fire in the Hills

Saturday we awoke to the sight of smoke billowing up over the mountains south of our place. We learned as the morning moved along that a wildfire had started on the other side of the mountain in Sylmar and that it had destroyed 800 homes in a high end mobile home park.

The fire was fueled by the Santa Ana winds that when funneled through the valleys of these hills can gust up to nearly 75 miles an hour. The mobile home park sat close to the mountains, so the high winds stirred up what is now thought to be an arson fire into a major fire storm. We know of one couple in our church who lived in the park and lost everything they owned.

The picture below was taken Sunday afternoon. The fire had burned over the mountain onto our side. Here the fire looks to be some what under control.

But by the time my boys and I walked back to our place, we turned around and saw black thick smoke. Within a matter of minutes, the wind had picked up and whipped the fire up.

We had a fire last year that I mention here and here. It burned houses and lots of brush on the hills, but it was not nearly as devastating in property damage as this one.



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