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Monday, November 03, 2008

Christians, Conscience, and Third Parties

In the comments under my post on the California voter's guide, "Chris" rebukes me for not supporting third party candidate, Chuck Baldwin. Never mind the fact that I have never heard of Chuck before Chris's whiny comment, nor that he is even listed as a choice for me to consider, nor is his party a viable political group in my state, let alone in the U.S. It is the fact that I am a Christian voting for a RINO - "Republican in name only" - that is to be questioned.

I have had this conversation with believers in the past. The two main political parties, Republicans and Democrats, are both equally compromised with liberal priorities that it does not matter who I vote for, both candidates are pretty much the same. McCain has a liberal agenda just like Barry Obama, so it is my duty as a Christian to throw my vote away on a candidate who will only get .03 of the national vote and trust God with the results. If I refuse to do this I am pragmatic and not voting my conscience.

Of course, the claim McCain and Barry are equally liberal is patently absurd. Anyone who has been informed outside the Matrix of the MSM understands Barry is beyond just being liberal; he is a full on radical leftist in his political ideology. Certainly I can agree McCain is a bit too soft on illegal immigration, and there are other problems with McCain that can be pointed out. But to say he is just like Barry? Barry has a mind set to introduce a socialistic economy and with the help of the demos in congress will come close to succeeding. On top of this, Barry and his friends in the senate will be taking great delight in removing those little personal freedoms we currently enjoy, like for example, saying publicly that homosexuality is a sin against God.

At any rate...

I was going to write up some thoughts on third parties and Christians, but thankfully, Dan Phillips has beat me to it and does a much better job articulating my thoughts than what I would. Check out his post: Go Third Party, or Don't Vote?

Voting for a third party out of protest to McCain being a "RINO" is foolishly irresponsible. Not voting period out of protest is unconscionable.

One comment about "voting my conscience." The Bible requires that I, as a citizen of what ever country I may currently reside, am to pray for my leaders and those in power (1 Tim. 2:1,2), obey my governmental authorities (Rom. 13:1), and pay my taxes (Rom. 13:6,7). The only time I can disobey the government is if they require me by law to disobey God's written commands.

Never should any Christian be "bound" by conscience to only vote for a candidate who only lines up perfectly under everything he or she may believe. Nor should Christians who may hold to specific political convictions insist other Christians are derelict in their duty as believers if they happen to want to vote anyone other than the favored conscience stroking candidate. What Christians are bound to do is make wise, informed choices as to whom they may vote for and what will be best for the peace and moral health of the society as a whole, filtered through a biblical worldview. That is how a conscience sensitive Christian should live.



Blogger Chris said...

Great, Fred. Just great. Thanks for calling my comments 'whiny'. That's helpful and a good way to engage in debate. The fact that you haven't even heard of the Constitution Party's candidate is indicative of your lack of seriousness about the current state of affairs. We can go tit-for-tat linking to articles supporting our views on 3rd parties. Won't do any good. Initially linking to Medved tells me quite a bit. I'll refrain from posting any further on your blog after one last ditch effort to show how it should be inappropriate for a Christian to vote for McCain. He struck hard against the 1st Amendment with his McCain-Feingold bill. Wow, what a champion of liberty introducing that pathetic legislation. Are you familiar with that little old lady on the Supreme Court that goes by the name of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? I hope you and your readers do a little research and discover what this woman stands for. Go ahead. Now come back and explain how Senator McCain could possibly vote to confirm that maniac to the bench. Yeah, he's a real pro-lifer. Remember a few years ago when McCain duked it out with the Pat Robertson-Jerry Falwell crowd? I'm not a fan of either one, but do you remember what McCain called them? That's right, "agents of intolerance". And what were they trying to uphold? That's right, God's laws against sodomy. Yeah, he's a real friend to Christians. So go ahead. Vote for McCain. Just remember, you'll do no favors for our Republic.

9:34 AM, November 03, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Sorry, Chris, but you are being whiny. Go read Dan's post like I suggested. I would even encourage you to leave your comments there and engage those guys to see if you can aptly defend your position.

11:25 AM, November 03, 2008  
Blogger Chris said...

I'm breaking my pledge to not post again. Neither you or Dan gave me any good reason why I should vote FOR McCain. Eight years ago when he ran, he was rightly vilified by Evangelicals because he was so obviously not one of us. Now you guys are on board with him because he's NOT Obama. Sorry, lousy reason to vote for McCain. I've laid out, in detail, why McCain is not worthy of our vote. Not one rebuttal from you or Dan. I'll go with John Quincy Adams - "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." I'll continue to have your blog in my Favorites, Fred, because you do well in the battle against heretics, KJV Only people and evolutionists, but I think you and the Christians in the McCain camp are way off base on this. In any event, I look forward to your observations for the next 4 years as Obama puts the boot of communism on the neck of our once great Republic.

1:52 PM, November 03, 2008  
Blogger Chris Hemmelman said...

I am not voting for McCain out of protest, I am not voting for him because I care about liberty more than I fear Obama.

Also, I am tired of being stabbed in the back by so-called conservatives. I have no intention of being party to the Republican parties continued drift to the left. So I am not voting for McCain out of principle, nothing more, nothing less.

11:00 AM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Obama's views on abortion are monstrous. If you don't take the necessary obligation to attempt to block the murderous world view he will unleash by signing into law a bill so radically pro-abortion, I believe God will hold you accountable for that. See Dan's post here. I would much rather have my dislike of McCain to attend with than a guilty conscience when Obama, if president, does what he promises as an infanticidal marxist. Especially when I know I can do something now as a Christian to prevent it.

11:10 AM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger Chris Hemmelman said...


With all due and serious respect to you, I have to disagree. I read Dan's post, and while I can understand the sentiment, I also disagree with him. I am not some Third Party kook, this is the first time I will be voting third party.

I understand how horrible Obama's record on abortion is, it's unconscienable (sp?). However, this alone is not enough to get me to vote for McCain. He isn't going to help the pro-life cause in any way. He almost chose a pro-choice VP! Either way we are going to be left with abortion still legal in this country. And an appeal to judges is grasping at straws big time. When has McCain ever shown that he is a principled conservative? In the past he has consistantly angered conservatives rather than supported them. His choice of judges would unlikely be the type to overturn Roe v. Wade.

If conservatives do not put a stop to the leftward drift of the Republican party we are going to get far worse candidates than McCain and Obama.

12:23 PM, November 04, 2008  

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