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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Bill Maher has made a movie with an unpronounceable title, Religulous, which is meant to be a comedy exploring religion around the world. I don't plan to see it because the more important matters of my life won't allow me. Perhaps when it is out on DVD; but still, I am not inclined to watch it, because, as Hugh Hewitt often remarks about Bill Maher, he is not only wrong, but rotten.

A couple of reviews to consider:

Michael Medved notes how Maher spends much of his time attacking Christianity, which is to be expected, because it is the Christianity that provides him the political freedoms to allow him the opportunity to mock Christianity. Plus, Christians are not really known for butchering you and your family and then burning your house with fire if you choose to mock their prophet. That tends to happen only in Islamic countries when a person draws a crude cartoon depicting Mohamet as a bomb thrower. If Maher genuinely had the courage of his anti-religious convictions, he would have explored all the personal foibles of Mohamet with some Pakistan Muslims.

Then, Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis recount how Maher lied in order to sneak past security and get into non public areas of their creation museum last year, see HERE and HERE (by the way, the second post has security camera pictures of Maher standing outside the museum waiting to spring his "Gotcha" on the staff). Considering how Maher is an atheist who ascribes to a worldview in which there are no absolute morals, it really isn't lying to a person if the greater good is to get your important movie produced.

In reality Maher is just a bitter guy who hates his creator. Medved sums up Maher's life well,

Maher scrupulously avoids any honest examination of his own spiritual state or pursuit of happiness. At one point, he interacts with his mother and derisively recalls his Catholic upbringing, but there’s no hint as to whether his anti-religious path has led him to enlightenment and satisfaction or merely to bitter loneliness. Since Maher has established himself as a famous and rich comedian, we’re obviously meant to assume that he’s achieved some sort of happiness or fulfillment. But he never reflects on his own lack of a wife, children or family, or his comments elsewhere about his enthusiastic indulgence in drugs and hookers.
I think Medved's challenge for a sequel is stellar. Let's have Maher visit all those places where religion has been torn from the fabric of society, like say, North Korea. Maybe we can see how enlightened that society is without religion. We'll call it Irreligulous.

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Blogger Tom Gilson said...

There is this, at least: other reviewers seem to see the movie for what it is. I haven't seen any of it but the trailer, but that alone was enough to show two things: that he was cherry-picking the worst of "Christianity," and that the movie was going to be more about Bill Maher and his sarcasm than about any real religion.

You made a good point, wondering about his own spiritual satisfaction. We should be praying for him.

8:15 AM, October 07, 2008  

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