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Monday, October 27, 2008

Brain Dead

Putting aside politics a moment...

Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs curator, continues his ignorantly misinformed smears against biblical creationism. He does this occasionally, posting a link to some item highlighting the debate between a Darwinian worldview and a creationist worldview, and then tacking on his moronic remarks about how dumb creationists are.

Not that I am looking to make a living blogging about every time Charles intellectually embarrasses himself on this subject, but his latest attempt took aim at someone I happen to know.

here's the link: Creation Scientists Display Latest Find

The post is making fun of a possible petrified brain, and I guess in Charles mind, what makes this funny is there could be no such thing as a "petrified" brain because petrification, according to the uniformitarian point of view, takes millions of years. "Them creationists are so dumb; dont they no dat?"

If you follow the link, at the top there is a picture of a man and a woman. I happen to know the man quite well. He's Dr. Ross Anderson of The Master's College with his wife. Contrary to what LGF wants to portray, he certainly isn't a bumpkin. I know him more from the Bible-Science Association of San Fernando where he serves as a leader in the group. He is often involved with setting up world class speakers to lecture on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Darwinian-creation debate.

I shot him an email after I saw the post and he wrote back thanking me for pointing it out to him. He did state he thought it was a petrified brain, which means all that is needed is the right conditions to petrify an object in a rather short time, not millions of years.

Amusingly, Johnson links to another article from the New Scientist that reports on the nature vs. mind debate. For those not paying attention, the debate pertains to the question of what controls the brain, nature or the mind. If it is nature, that implies evolutionary considerations, and thus material causation drives the brain. If it is the mind, then there is something non-material driving the brain, and thus a soul or some other non-material, supernatural causation. The nature argument is a problem for Darwinian naturalists, and biblical creationists have done a good job of exposing this problem for the Darwinians who by default conclude material causation as this thoughtful summary of the article reveals: Minding the Brain, or Braining the Mind.

If a person's choices, decisions, lifestyle, and behavior are merely the result of material causation which is driven by the mechanisms of Darwinian evolutionary natural selection, then how can a person even be held accountable for a crime he commits? Sure, we can put him on trial and pontificate about how he is a threat to society, but why is he being held responsible for choices and behavior that are purely biological? Think about it. If Darwinian evolution is correct, why is Johnson wasting his time mocking creationists over beliefs that are only a product of a brain virus, or some other genetic function? Creationists don't know any better because they can't help to know any better, which means those who mock creationists also can't know any better because they can't help but to know any better. Or is all this lost on Charles?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of criminals. If a predator attacks me, I simply kill it with my weapon, whether the animal is a tiger or a human. If the human doesn't bother with responsibility and attacks me, I will remove him from the genepool.

8:13 PM, November 13, 2008  

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