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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

World Changing Photos

I had a friend email me a link to this site that posts some of the most famous (and infamous) photographs the world has ever seen. Some of them are disturbing, so be forewarned.

Photos that Changed the World

I have always had a fascination we photography. I am not a terribly good picture taker, but I like looking at them. I remember once in Solvang, this little Danish community just north of Santa Barbara, I was browsing in an old bookshop and came across a book containing hundreds of old black and white press photos from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. I was amazed at how the pictures were able to freeze exact moments of tragedy, or joy, or overwhelming sorrow with just a bright flash. I sort of wish now I would had spent the 20 bucks to get it.

Several of the images on that site are breath taking in their ability to stir up your emotions both in revulsion and euphoria. A lot of them need to be put into better context. That is probably one of the dangers of a good photograph: it often times fails to present the proper context for the viewer. For example, it must be remembered that Che Guevara was a mass murdering torturing thug, not an iconic fashion statement, and the shootings at Kent State were instigated by anarchists becoming violent against the National Guardsmen sent to the university in order to calm riots. On the other hand, the picture of the last Jew in Vinnitsa solidifies the context of the monstrosities perpetrated by the Nazis.

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