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Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Dinosaurs and the Presidency

Matt Damon, still glistening from his intense afternoon workout down at the spa, took a few moments of his precious time to sit down with an interviewer and share his thoughtful concerns about the potential disaster waiting to befall the entire world if - God forbid - John McCain dies from a massive heart-attack a week after he is sworn in as president. Old people are all the time dying from heart-attacks and McCain who is pushing 90 something is a walking time bomb. If he were to die the next day after his inauguration, that leaves his running mate, Sarah Palin, as the president.

Matt Damon sternly warns how such a likely event will throw the entire geopolitical world into higgly-piggly, and how could Palin, a snake-handling, holy roller Pentecostal who believes dinosaurs roamed the earth just 4,000 years ago, have the mental sanity to properly manage a global crisis that could arise if Israel decides to go nuclear against Iran. I mean, what a person thinks about when dinosaurs lived has direct bearing on how they handle America's involvement with WW III.

I paused for a moment and thought to myself, "That certainly is a good point, Matt." It really never occurred to me that what a person believes about when dinosaurs lived was a gauge of his or her ability to rationalize and make sound decisions. Then I thought, "Wait a minute, I believe dinosaurs lived just a few thousand years ago." And I think I am rational and make sound decisions. Of course, I do regret buying those pair of Sketchers just because they "looked good," but I never thought my views of biblical creationism and when dinosaurs roamed the earth had any impact upon my decision to purchase comfortable footwear.

But then I began to wonder. Is it specifically a belief dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago that disqualifies a person from being president, or is it any ole kooky belief? I find it rather interesting that Matt dwelt upon the dinosaur question, which tells me the debate surrounding the worldview of origins is a major issue with people. How we understand origins does speak to how a person may perceive reality.

But do other quirky views about how we perceive reality determine one's ability to command a country in crisis? Like say for instance, whether or not Islamic terrorist flew planes into the World Trade Center or was it a government conspiracy? That would disqualify many people in the world for being any sort of governmental leader. And what about those people who envision a whole alternative history of the United States? Is their irrational thinking up there with the people who think dinosaurs roamed the either 4,000 years ago? I mean, these are some important questions to consider when we choose our next president and I am for sure thankful Matt Damon has the wisdom to remind us of them.

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