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Saturday, September 06, 2008

FBT Update

I added another series of posts to my website, Fred's Bible Talk.

It was a series of posts I wrote over the course of a year and a half responding to Christ-hating anarchist and blues guitar player, Chaz Bufe. Some folks may remember them.

I re-formatted them and moved them all over to a second location to make them more easy to access.

The originals can still be read here, along with the added bonus of the funny pictures.

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool



Blogger Carl said...

Fred, I commend you on your rebuttals of Christ-hating anarchist and blues guitar player, Chaz Bufe. I've taken the time to try to read his initial claims online but frankly, I could only read a small portion before concluding Chaz has absolutely no idea of what he's talking about. His numerous factual errors, lack of knowledge of what the Bible teaches, multitude of logical fallacies, and other nonsense proves conclusively that his essays cannot and should not be taken seriously but I know there will be radical atheists and other Christ-haters who will latch onto his writings as a "scholarly source" (and I used that term VERY loosely here) proving the Bible to be wrong. I hold out hope that one days his eyes will be opened to the truth of God's Word just as Saul of Tarsus was (and Saul was much worse than Chaz).

Whereas Chaz's essays are full of errors, misinformation, etc. and are truly worthless your rebuttals are much more valuable in addressing the common objections and attacks normally made by atheists against the Bible.

Keep up the good work.

9:35 AM, September 10, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

I wrote those not thinking I would ever persuade Chaz or any of his blues festival atheists of the truth.

They were primarily written to provide ammunition for Christians who encounter this sort of absurd argumentation.

I sent the info address at his website a link to the articles. He or anyone affiliated with him is yet to respond.


9:39 AM, September 10, 2008  
Blogger Carl said...

Fred, one other thing...

Would it be possible for you to bundle the whole series into one Word doc or txt file and email it to me? I'd love to have it in my folder of Christian sermons and articles.

9:48 AM, September 10, 2008  

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