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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dreaming Impossible Dreams

Lewis Wolpert is a professor in Britain, which by default means his accent will make his mumbling, dry wit sound authoritative, like he knows what he is talking about.

Professor Wolpert is also a Darwinian atheist who has written a book called Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast which explains from an evolutionary viewpoint why people believe impossible things. ABC News did a web report on his thesis that can be read here:

Why Do We Believe Impossible Things

Among some of the impossible things people believe according to Wolpert are stuff like alien abductions, ghosts, and God (of course). As men evolved they were the only animals who clearly understood cause and effect. Searching for causes that are unexplainable resulted in men evolving religion, and hence a tendency to believe false things.

I always love how atheists who adhere to evolutionary genetic determinism testify how they managed by sheer will to muster the internal fortitude to throw off the shackles of small minded, less evolved ideas like religion. They lecture us small minded, less evolved folks about why it is more rational to believe in evolutionary genetic determinism. If my belief in the impossibility of God is an evolutionary trait, how exactly does mocking the product of my traits, i.e., religious practice, help me? It is sort of like an eagle mocking a penguin for not being able to fly. Am I lazy because I do not have the will power to change my genetic make up?

Additionally, seeing there are more religious people in our world than atheists, simply because our religious genetics cause us to value children and families and the desire to reproduce responsibly, wouldn't the traits toward belief in impossible things be an advantage over atheistic belief in impossible things like giant, water dwelling possums turning into sperm whales over millions of years? I always understood that how many offspring get passed on to the next generation was the important thing, not just belief.

Just wondering.

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