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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Fish Go Bad

We're back from our excursion down to the San Diego area. We had a lovely visit to Lego hell... I mean LegoLand, and Sea World. I will try to have some pictures and a few words up later this week.

In the meantime, just when I got back from Sea World, I stumbled upon this frightening item:

19 Terrifying Incidents Involving Fish

The first one mentioned puts catfishing into a whole new light.

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Blogger Mike-e said...

Fred, sorry to break this to you, but you've been tagged:


7:27 AM, August 19, 2008  
Blogger Aaron said...

Thanks for that link, Fred. That first story brought back a flood of memories. I grew up in a missionary community on the upper Amazon in Peru, and our rule prohibiting skinny dipping in the river was not simply for the sake of modesty. I always thought the candiru were overrated though, and figured the chances of running into one were slim to none. Then one day we killed a capybara on a camping trip. We butchered the animal to eat it and dipped it in the river for just a few seconds to rinse it out. When we pulled it out of the water there were already a half dozen of the little fish latched onto the animal's flesh, gorging themselves on its blood. So I can confirm that skinny dipping in the Amazon comes with certain distinct risks.

9:14 AM, August 20, 2008  

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