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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scientific Fundamental Extremists

*See Addendum

Here's a fun little article exposing the religious zealotry of some of the more rabid evolutionary extremists like P.Z Myers and Richard Dawkins.

From a lefty-wing on-line magazine of all things.

I wonder if the author realizes how profound he is?
I wonder if creation-a-phobe bloggers like Charles Johnson will pay attention to the significance of this article?

What's Wrong With Science as Religion

Like I always try to hammer home to my readers, everyone is committed to a worldview. There is no neutral ground, and the ferociousness of these "scientific" defenders against any challenges of their worldview of scientism displays this debate is not around brute evidence, but heart issues.

Addendum 8/1/08

I thought I would mention this amazing twisting of the facts from a frothing anti-creationist, because it demonstrates the desperation of the "science=religion" aspect of the Salon article.

I have been pointing out the Darwinian descent of Little Green Footballs curator, Charles Johnson, for a few weeks now. I was most particularly annoyed with a post he wrote back on July 10th claiming U.S. creationist groups were being funded by radical Muslims. This charge was alleged against both ICR and the ID think tank, The Discovery Institute. The Discovery Institute wrote a post refuting Johnson's assertions, and I posted an email I received from ICR also refuting the assertions.

In response to the Discovery Institute disavowal, Johnson posted a defensive "rebuttal."
In that rebuttal he makes one of the more dishonest claims I have seen from anti-creationists in a while. He writes in his defense:

The misdirection: I did not “imply” the Discovery Institute was in league with Islamic radicals. I stated outright that the Discovery Institute is in league with Islamist creationists, a fact that is indisputably true, as we’ll see in a minute.

Did Charles forget the title of this post in question? He wrote, Radical Muslim Funding US Creationist Groups? Maybe he thinks the question mark leaves the charge in the realm of ambiguity, and he didn't say exactly Radical Islam, but Radical Muslim is close enough in my mind, and no where did he talk about Radical Creationists. What exactly is a Radical Creationist anyways?

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Blogger Reformed Gary said...

"We still have preachers like Edwards today, of course; they can be found on the Trinity Broadcasting Network"

If the author really read Edwards I just don't know how he could write that.

Good article for the most part. Thanks for posting the link.

1:19 PM, July 31, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Hey,that's a good catch. The Edwards reference blew right by me the first time. Talk about historically ignorant. They don't even talk about sin and God's anger and hell on TBN.

6:42 PM, July 31, 2008  

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