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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Green Footballs hits bottom, digs

Continuing in his campaign of spreading boneheaded propaganda against those individuals who would dissent from a Darwinian perspective on life, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs posted this deceitful smear last week:

Radical Muslim Groups Fund U.S. Creationist Groups?

The gist of the post is to make a link with Muslim "creationist" apologist, Adnan Oktar, who is hardly a "creationist" as I have noted in two previous posts here and here, and other Christian creationist organizations like ICR. The post then goes on to cite a report from Reuters (a news agency often commented on by Johnson as being unreliable, easily duped by Arab photo stringers, and is too accommodating for terrorists) who interviewed Oktar concerning the enormous book he wrote called Atlas of Creation. The report suggests that Oktar is able to make huge print runs of the book, as well as mail them to creationists all over the world because he is funded by Saudi money. The final sentence in the citation is a quote from a Turkish-American physicist who makes the off-handed remark that if there are any funds flowing it is from Oktar to U.S. creationist groups. Thus, if one connects Johnson's dots he has laid out before us, well the Discovery Institute is really a sleeper cell awaiting their orders to cut the throats of American children as they play in their backyards.

That bit of deceit is bad enough, but the most egregious is when Johnson links his readers to a page on Oktar's website mentioning the conferences the Turkish apologist has arranged to promote his Islamic "creationism" to the public. Among those named by Oktar as speaking at his conferences, which are held in Turkey, are Dr. David Menton and Dr. Duane Gish, both respectable creationists. At first glance, the names of these men speaking at an Islamic creation conference is a bit troubling. Why would these men be speaking at an Islamic conference like this? However, looking a bit closer at the article on Oktar's site, this particular conference where Gish and Menton spoke took place in 1998.

That's ten years ago folks!

My curiosity was stirred nonetheless, so I contacted a person I happen to know via the internet at Answers in Genesis, where Menton is a staff speaker. My friend responded to my inquiry and stated that Menton did indeed speak at that conference and regrets it something terrible now. He was led to believe he would have opportunity to give his regular talks on various issues pertaining to anatomy, with scripture and the gospel incorporated in the talks. However, Oktar's group censored him, as well as all the other Christians there, severely limiting the things they could present to the audience. It was a mistake he won't make again.

I have always noted that one of the dangers with intelligent design theory as it is promoted by the Discovery Institute, is that its apologetic approach is much too broad when confronting evolution in our culture. By steering away from a solid commitment to our self-disclosed Creator, marginalizing the biblical creationists in their midst, as well as primarily appealing to the vague ideas of "ID" taught by ancient Greek philosophy, the otherwise fine folks at the Discovery Institute have opened themselves up to being in league with curious, theological bed-fellows. This kind of compromise will only continue to handicap them and bring them under scrutiny by those in the ignorant masses, like Johnson.

That being said, it is one thing for Charles Johnson, or any anti-ID person, to passionately disagree with their system of belief, but when hatred for a dissenting viewpoint gets to the point a well-known blogger has to start inferring ridiculous conspiracies and begins making stuff up, his disagreement has gone beyond simple, passionate dislike, to becoming pathological. Again, more proof this debate is deeper than mere "scientific" evidence. It involves the heart.

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Blogger fredsgirl said...

It would be interesting for him to do a study on all the debased and unthinkable acts committed in the name of Darwinian Evolution. May the Lord convict his heart and open his eyes!

9:12 AM, July 16, 2008  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Personally I would never make a claim about any group or person that I had not fully authenticated first. For example, a person I know of accidentally confused Ken Ham with Kent Hovind (Dr. Dino), leading them to tell me in conversation that Ken Ham had been sent to jail. I at once suspected that they had made this mistake, and went and researched the fact, allowing me to correct the error within 24 hours, with evidence.

The alternative, outside of the church, leaves you open to big nasty lawsuits. Check facts, then print. That is one of the downsides of the internet, people don't.

4:18 AM, July 17, 2008  

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