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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Biblical Proportions

Came across this little, unnoticed internet article:

Much of Earth's oil reserves can be traced to one single, undersea volcanic eruption...

...So say some scientists.

You mean like an eruption that would cause a global flood?

Like the one recorded in the Bible?

Fountains of the great deep breaking up and all?

Oh, it couldn't be that, that's a myth.

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Blogger Mike-e said...

Its amazing how geologists are finally catching up with the Bible. Although they would never admit it, with millions of years aside, many geologists are beginning to advocate positions strikingly similar to creationist geologist; by this, i'm specifically referring to the neo-catastrophists. Very interesting. Thanks Fred for the plug on that article!

1:07 PM, July 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred, I wonder what Codex would say about this?

On another note, did you know that in the oldest mountains in the world, there are still active mud seams that can come crashing down on coal miners? Seems to me that the mud should have been pressurized 4.5 billion years ago, give or take an epoch or Babylonian creation myth.

6:59 AM, July 23, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

That is a good question. I didn't really ask him about the historicity of the flood. It's worth shooting him a link.


7:03 AM, July 23, 2008  

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