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Saturday, June 21, 2008

When did Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs become a Dawkins stooge?

Another Rant

Ever since his involvement with exposing Dan Rather's fraudulent Bush National Guard documents back in 2004, I have been an avid reader of Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs blog. I particularly appreciate how he highlights international news items reporting on events in the Muslim world and the Middle East that otherwise go unnoticed by our American media. His photo slide shows about PLO child abuse or the wacky antics of anti-war moonbats are at times valuable photojournalism to consider. I think his blog is such a valuable tool for staying on top of international current events, I even have it asterisked in my side-bar links.

But in recent weeks he has turned into this shrill, militant, snotty Darwinian apologist. In a manner of speaking, a Dawkins stooge. It seems like every 5th post is about some science news item, but it is attended with his snide, mocking comments aimed at the Discovery Institute or anyone adhering to creationism. For example, he'll note some item about the Phoenix lander on Mars and add, "launched by the Discovery Institute... Oh, I mean NASA" as if a belief in biological Darwinian evolution is even remotely relevant to landing a rover on Mars. He certainly would hesitate to make such ignorant, clownish comments if he realized a good many of the people behind developing the Mars lander are non-evolutionists, with a few of them even attending my church.

My only guess is he was annoyed with Ben Stein's recent documentary Expelled, because he once respected Stein as a reputable conservative commentator, and now must do all he can to shun Stein who is perceived as an intellectual apostate. Hell hath no fury than Darwinian atheists spurned.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised with this recent exposure of attitude, because it is reflective of your typical person who has been mis-educated on this issue. Charles has the evolutionary propaganda handbook and is running it play by play:
  • The consensus of scientists in the world are Darwinians and no consensus of any alleged group of "experts" can be wrong about anything, especially the infallibility of their chosen scientific belief.
  • Dissenting "scientists," like those men at the Discovery Institute, are really quacks and psuedo-scientists. Their "doctorates" are probably all made-up, or they received them from George "Goober" Lindsey University or some other degree mill.
  • Moreover, those dissenting "scientist" have nothing substantive to offer as far as criticism is concerned because they are not as highly educated as those scientists who are committed evolutionists. In fact, most of their arguments against scientific evolution were probably dreamed up during their weekly Thursday night Bible club meetings down at Jo Jo's Catfish along side the White River outside Mountain View, Arkansas.
  • Moreover, the IDers are only clandestine fundamentalist snake-handlers in disguise anyways. If they got in charge of all the universities, they would make everyone go to church and close all the liquor stores on Sunday.
  • Evolution is the only logical conclusion of true, unbiased science. A real scientist doesn't have any biases and when he examines all the evidence the only rational decision he can make is that Darwinian evolution is true, and thus to question any aspect of the facts is denying the truth. To deny evolution is to deny the Holocaust took place, or gravity exists.
  • IDers and creationists are biased, hence they can't do any real science, and because unbiased scientists will be evolutionists by default, seeing they have had the courage to break away from religious traditions and follow the scientific evidence where it leads, which is evolution, only their conclusions about science are valid.
  • Any slight change in a species or adaptation to the environment by an animal group is proof positive of Darwinian evolution that led from molecules-to-man. So the recent, over hyped experiment of Richard Lenski in which E. coli bacteria gained the advantage of digesting citrate after almost 40,000 generations is proof of molecules-to-man evolution even though they are still bacteria, and given a zillion more generations, they will apparently sprout wings and fly.
The ironic thing about Johnson's slurs against ID and creationism is that he argues just like the leftist environmentalist do against critics of man-made climate change: The scientists who reject it have a hidden agenda, or they are sub-par experts, or not educated enough, or are a tiny minority nowhere representative of the consensus, and they most certainly are denying the obvious, like denying gravity exists.

The so-called evolutionary experts always complain about the lack of evolutionary education. But I don't see the failure of education as I do a failure to argue convincingly and in a manner that doesn't involve the hurling of elephants and absurd ad hominem.

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Blogger Robert said...

Like most critics of all things that even faintly smack of Christianity; he probably won't actually engage the issues involved, just attack those that believe those issues.

5:15 PM, June 22, 2008  
Blogger Reformed Gary said...

I too started reading LGF from your link. And while sometimes downright scary too read was a good source of information.

You know I don't even know why he has the blog I mean evolutionary memes have 'programed' Muslims to behave that way. We're all just random biological blobs controlled by chemical reactions in our brain. So why care, really, we are more advanced than that aren't we? Were just a blip on the face of history. The universe was around for billions of years before us and will exist after us so what's the big deal. If he's so much smarter than the than guys at the Discovery Institute why can't he see that?

Seriously though, thank God for common grace that keeps Darwinists from being consistent.

11:26 AM, June 25, 2008  

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