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Friday, June 13, 2008

Darwinian Friday

I thought I would round off the week by highlighting a handful of links which could help us to engage the prevailing zeitgeist of our western culture. It is always good to be informed.

First, Smithsonian Magazine on-line has a brief article talking about the development of the evolutionary theory before it bore the name of Charles Darwin.

On the Origin of a Theory

The average person is unaware of the fact that Darwin's ideas of natural selection had developed years before he wrote. Upon hearing that a rival, Alfred Wallace, would be going to print with a book outlining the same theory he had developed, Darwin cobbled together his notes from his famous Beagle tour to get published before him.

The article also explains how Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus, had a hand in forming his grandson's idea about the origin of life. That is important to note, because Erasmus was more than just a scientist, but an atheistic philosopher who sought to undermine the influence of Christianity in English society.

Then a couple of good posts from Triabloguer Peter Pike on the subject of DNA and information.

Why DNA is Information


Can Random, Non-Directed Processes Create DNA Information?

Both posts do a good job of pointing out the inability of Darwinian evolution to account for the presence of DNA information at the core of biological life. This is an important talking point, for while evolution does a fairly OK job of explaining evolutionary development with already present species, the system can't explain the development of lesser species into greater ones. For example, how dinosaurs supposedly became birds.

Then lastly, here's a fun blog entry from Ken Ham over at the Creation Museum recounting how a scientific activist attempted to hand out evolutionary propaganda at the Museum.

What was the Professor Thinking?

In an act of hubris, a secular prof in the field of astrophysics, felt it his duty to warn people of the intellectual danger of the museum by handing out anti-creationist literature. What is stunningly annoying, as noted by Ham, is how he would never allow dissent to evolutionary theory to be even raised in his class, let alone taught as an alternative class at the school where he teaches. Evolutionists are always grousing about how if only people were educated properly concerning evolution, then it would be accepted. However, part of education is allowing for criticism, particularly severe criticism where it is warranted. Just to inform the Darwinian elitists: Whereas I will most certainly teach all my children the full tenets of Darwinian evolution, even using their recommended materials, it will not be taught with unquestioned dogmatism, but will be heavily scrutinized and ultimately debunked.



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