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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You ain't rich enough

A friend shot me this link.

Luxury on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has introduced their luxury suites on their A380 airbus. Complete with private rooms, in-air Internet access, big honking flat panel HDTVs, and get this, your seats can lay down and become a full sized bed! The emperor decadence.

Watch the computer simulation, and then eat your heart out by watching the promotional video featuring the girl with her hair blowing in the wind. Nothing says luxury like long, wind blown hair.

Something tells me that American won't be having these on their flights to Dallas and Little Rock. That means I will still have to suffer a 3 hour flight, sitting in the middle seat in coach with a fidgeting toddler on my lap. It's amazing how fidgeting toddlers can get so heavy so quick.

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