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Monday, May 12, 2008

Jesus and the AGE of the earth

I have been waiting a while for the spring 2007 volume of the Master's Seminary Journal to come on line just so I can link one of the articles.

Terry Mortenson, who is a full time speaker for Answers in Genesis and wrote his dissertation on the geology debate that took place in the early 1800s (available here in a popular level format), wrote a rather extensive article for the TMS journal on how Jesus taught about a young earth. He does a comparison with the biblical data as presented by Jesus and the commonly held compromise positions of many evangelical scholars and apologists today. Many folks think the age of the earth is a non-issue in the origins debate between ID proponents, creationists, and evolutionists, but Mortenson does a good job demonstrating the relevance the age of the earth has in the origins debate and the significance with maintaining a biblical view as Jesus taught it.

Jesus, Evangelical Scholars, and the Age of the Earth

The reading may be a tad heavy for some, but well worth the effort.

As a bonus, a second article from the same journal issue is also a good read.

Inductive and Deductive Methods as Applied to OT Chronologies

Those who enjoy reading about biblical chronology will thoroughly enjoy it, and it is a good supplement to the Mortenson article.

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