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Monday, May 19, 2008

Gleanings from Job #13

Continuing in my devotional series on Job...

Where True Wisdom is Found (27-28)

Throughout a series of speeches, Job's friends have been calling him to confess his sins and recognize God's hand of judgment with the trials which have befallen him.

In Chapter 25, Bildad speaks his third and final speech against Job, and basically accuses Job of misappropriating God's omnipotence, sovereignty, and mercy when he appeals his case before Him. Job is presumptuous to think he can be declared righteous before God almighty whose holiness outshines even the light of the moon and stars. As far as God's nature is concerned, Job might as well be a maggot.

In response to these comments, Job launches into a 6 chapter response to not only Bildad, but the rest of his friends. He opens his long comments assuring Bildad that he knows who God is and that knowledge of who God is brings assurance to Job as to the certainty of God hearing his plea.

Continuing his response to Bildad and his other friends, Job expresses his insistence in maintaining his integrity, as well as describing where true wisdom can be found.

I. Steadfast Devotion

As Job continues in his response, he moves again to declaring his innocence and defending his righteousness. In fact, so certain is Job of his righteousness, that no matter what happens, he will never speak wickedly, especially of the Lord.

That is because,

- He is in God's hands (27:2-4)

- There are consequences for being hypocritical, because it endangers men to think and speak wrongly of God (27:7-10).

- God will be sure to really judge the wicked (27:11-23).

II. Looking for True Wisdom

Then, in chapter 28, Job offers a discourse on where true wisdom can be found. Men are always looking for wisdom and in many cases, they all claim to have a measure more wisdom than their fellow men. Often times wisdom is assumed to be found autonomously, and in the inward heart of men, apart from any meaningful source. This is not true and as Job points out, men seek for it in all the wrong places.

True wisdom cannot be sought (28:1-14). Directing our thoughts to extensive mining operations, all of man's effort to dig precious metals and jewels cannot be applied to obtaining true wisdom in this way. Men know how to dig deep, even overturning mountains and altering the course of rivers, but real wisdom cannot be found by these means.

True wisdom cannot be bought (28:15-19). All of the most valuable jewels and metals, gold, silver, onyx, sapphire, quartz, rubies, and topaz, cannot purchase true wisdom.

True wisdom is from another world (28:20-28)
. True wisdom begins with God. He is the one who reveals what wisdom is. Verse 28 sums up true wisdom.

- It begins with a fear of the LORD. God is man's ultimate starting point for defining and interacting with all of reality.

- It results in holy living. The major application of true wisdom is the departure from those things contrary to God's way. When one fears the Lord, it will transform the one fearing God to live unto the Lord, serving Him and pursuing godliness.



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