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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bart on Prager

The current champion of the neo-atheists is the shrieking apostate, Bart Ehrman, the chairman of Religious Studies at Chapel Hill in North Carolina. He was interviewed by Dennis Prager on his radio program to promote his new book on why he thinks the Bible can't answer the big questions in life.

God and Suffering

I have only heard bits and pieces of the interview, but from what I have heard, Prager, who is not a Christian, did a fairly good job of pressing Ehrman on many points. Ehrman flat out said he didn't believe in God, so I am guessing he is moving away from his professed agnosticism and into the atheist camp. He also admitted he believes men can find more meaning with believing in Darwinian evolution than the idea of our Creator creating. Prager really hammered him on this point and you can hear Ehrman becoming a bit annoyed as he tried to defend his position.

The interview may make for a nice supplement to Tim Challies recent review of Ehrman's new book.

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