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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fred's Recommended Audio Links

Podcasting is an outstanding technology. With a MP3 player, a person can have a massive audio catalog of great lectures and sermons, music, even audio books, to be listened to anywhere and anytime.

I have been meaning to put together a post I can permanently link in my sidebar highlighting all the podcasts and MP3 pages I believe my readers would enjoy.

I plan to periodically update this post when I find new stuff to add.

I will begin by listing my podcasts I personally subscribe to, and then later this weekend, I'll add some important audio links I think are beneficial. Any recommendations can be emailed to me at my address linked on my profile page.

Unless otherwise noted, podcasting/downloading instructions should be available at the links provided.

Fred's Personal Podcasting List

The Dividing Line

Fred's Bible Talk (Of course it's narcissistic. But I have to podcast myself)

Hugh Hewitt (I'm not a big Hewitt fan, but I love Emmet of the Unblinking Eye and his "top 10" movie lists he gives on Fridays during the last hour)

The Narrow Mind (A ministry of Unchained radio)

Stand to Reason (Greg's accomodation of naturalistic philosophy when doing apologetics is a big negative for this program, but for the discerning Christian, there can be some useful gleanings, so I don't totally dismiss him)


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