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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dashed Utopian Dreams

Three articles caught my attention last week highlighting the dashed dreams of Utopian visionaries. Generally, these "visionaries" tend to be of liberal persuasion who speak about equality among all the citizens, yet when the practicality of enforcing their rules for the perfect society bump up against human nature and real life, they must resort to more severe means to make sure those dreams become real.

First, my friend Gregg links to an older article explaining the woes experienced by diversity trainers attempting to implement their propaganda.

Diversity Training Backfires

Next, a Swede writes about the impotent, draconian measures his enviro-Nazi government, held up by the rest of the world as the perfect green-friendly government, has taken to make sure the citizenry are recycling properly.

The Recycling Myth

Then finally, a report about the 22nd tallest building in the world, and the most hideous. Located in the ultimate Utopian society, North Korea. A staggering engineering debacle.

The Worst Building in the History of Mankind

Its from Esquire on-line, so beware of the pictures in the sidebar

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