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Monday, January 14, 2008

FBT Updates

Over the weekend my friend Will and I updated my Fred's Bible Talk webpage. Along with the fancy new thumbnail pictures on the front page linking the visitor to what are some of my more popular audio series, I also:

1) Added three previously messages I did when I taught about spiritual gifts, God's will, and true Christian spirituality a couple of years ago. They addressed making proper biblically informed decisions and dealing with Christians disagreeing with each other from Romans 14. They supplement the blog articles I wrote on this subject back in October of 2007. I had edited them, but they must have become lost and forgotten and we failed to uploaded them.

I also sent them out as podcast messages, so if you are a subscriber, you should have received them in your Itunes browser or other MP3 program you use. In fact, you may have three downloads, because we sent them out once, but then realized the file was messed up, then sent them out a second time until we realized there was a wrong title attached, and then the third time was the charm. It is our goal to podcast all of my audio messages.

Some of them are a bit dated, like the brief message I did responding to the Da Vinci Code. Yes, remember that book? But I have a series on homosexual Christian apologetics I never podcasted, as well as a study on the the book of Jude, and my series on Calvinism, which I hope to re-visit here soon with one of my volunteer groups.

2) Put my podcast link on several RSS feed sites thus exposing my persona to a much larger, vast listening audience. It also invites cranks and wackos to shoot me an email and badger me to no end about some insignificant point of doctrine, like whether it was really Samuel who appeared to Saul or a demon. Gheesh.

3) Then finally, I posted a couple of articles by Dr. R.K. McGregor-Wright on the subject of middle knowledge. These articles were originally found in an apologetic journal that was limited in circulation. I thought they were well done and wanted a copy so I could send to people who had questions on the subject. After scouring the web for his email, I contacted him and he was kind enough to send me the attachments and allow me to publish them.

Middle knowledge is a system of theology developed by a Jesuit priest in response to the Reformed understanding of salvation, election, and God's divine decrees. It is an attempt to find a suitable balance between God's established decrees in eternity and man's so-called libertarian free-will choices. The system is regaining popularity these days and one of its chief proponents is apologist William Lane Craig. Dr. Wright's articles are in two parts and I believe do a fine job of developing the history behind the system and interacting with the basic problems.

The Origin and Development of the Middle Knowledge Theory


Philosophic Problems with the Middle Knowledge Theory



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