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Friday, November 02, 2007

Wiki Real Time

The Wikipedia site is one of those places I tend to hold at arm's length. The idea with the site is to provide a pool of knowledge on millions of subjects by allowing anyone and his little brother the freedom to edit the content on the webpages. When it comes to past history that is 100 years old or more, or bland descriptions like the development of the American toaster, the site is fairly reliable. However, with any current events, the problem is that you have cranks and loons with a pet agenda logging on and editing the pages of their pet agenda to conform to their interpretation of the pet agenda.

The Wikipedia operators claim they have individuals to safe guard against a feral man living in a hub capped covered trailer from interjecting his tin-foil hat conspiracies on, let's say, the JFK page. But I am not as convinced of their vigilance after hitting this website:

Real Time Wikipedia Edits from Around the World



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