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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seeking and Saving the Land of the Lost

My friend Gregg continues to make Reformed Baptists and strict orthodox Presbyterians squirm as he walks us through his gallery of Jesus images.

The collection of dinosaurs and Jesus is probably my favorite so far. The newest zombie ones are a tad creepy.

I would certainly love to know where this image originally came from. Kent Hovind? Is this what we would see at his Dinosaur Adventure Land in Pensacola, Florida?

I like the way Jesus's robes billow behind him as he rides the dinosaur like a superhero cape. And the bright sun flashing over his shoulder.

Of course, I am not convinced Jesus looked like a 70s era Eddie Rabbit or Kenny Loggins.



Blogger Ken Abbott said...

So, the dinosaur-riding bit...

I have a hard time seeing that either as a colt (the foal of a donkey) or a white horse.

Just when is our Lord supposed to have saddled up a raptor? Is this a Christophany?

It's really too comical to take seriously. But some of those other images in the linked posts--ugh. That's the squirmingly strict orthodox Presbyterian in me, I guess.

11:24 AM, November 28, 2007  

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