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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Creating My Perfect Universe

So if you have been to the TeamPyro blog, you may have noticed that Phil has updated his blogroll in the sidebar column. Gone are the categories like, "Stellar," "Really Awesome," and "People who Sicken Me."

However, in order to maintain some distinction as to which blogs are more readable than others, Phil has kept in place the names of the authors in various font sizes and point thickness. So, if you are really readable, then your blog is listed with an 18pt., Arial bold, red font. If you are O.K., then it is standard, scrawny 10pt.

Now, I find it an honor just to be even listed on Phil's sidebar, even if it is a scrawny 10pt., but he offered this challenge:

In a perfect universe, Fred Butler (for example) would get a large-type listing, but I'm his boss in his real-world job, so 1) I don't want him to get cocky, and 2) I don't want to be accused of favoritism. So I decided to let Fred work harder for the large type.

In an effort to at least obtain a coveted 14pt. bold font, I have inserted the TeamPyro banner at the top of my site. That is good for a start, I hope. However, in addition I will be sending my children over to his house to wash his SUV every week, rather than every other week. That should really be good for at least a 12 if not a 14.



Blogger Ebeth said...

Can you help me add that same item to my blog? After blogging almost a year, some things still escape my abilities. Thanks.

2:00 PM, October 11, 2007  

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