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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christians Recapturing Halloween

Shortly after I was saved, someone, I don't know who, introduced me to Chick's tracts and comics and the alternative, conspiratorial Church History he presents within the pages. When I started reading his materials, I pretty much viewed them as being spot on.

My understanding of Halloween was originally shaped by the Chick tract The Trick, complete with undercover satanists plotting to poison children, kids biting into candy apples containing razor blades, and blonde, blue-eyed virgins being offered on a sacrificial alter. I believed any Christian who allowed their kids to trick-or-treat, or participate in costume parties, or even carve a pumpkin, was inviting devils to come and take up residence in his or her home. I knew a young gal in my college group who liked putting up cute Halloween decoration like black kittens wearing a witch's hat or jolly smiling jack-o-lanterns and I would hassle her to no end by telling her she was in danger of being cursed by the devil.

Never once did I hear about Martin Luther or the Reformation that happened on October 31st. I was being conditioned to think of Halloween as only a satanic holiday I was suppose to despise and avoid at all cost. It never even occurred to me to use the time to evangelize trick-or-treaters. I always turned out the lights or left for the evening.

James Jordan presents what I believe to be a more balanced, and historically accurate, perspective a Christian should have toward Halloween.

Concerning Halloween

I will grant that though I agree with Jordan's main points, I think he has a rather culturally out-of-touch, Rockwellian idea of Halloween where children still dress up as ghosts, witches, and comical devils.

The reality these days is much different. Though there are kids who dress up like super heroes and pop culture celebrities, there is a split between two images. First, the imitation of gruesome, blood soaked gore, like haunted houses which use to be all about being scared by sudden jumps that are now turned into torture houses with people being disemboweled by a chain saw wielding maniac. The second is the supercharged sexuality directed to young pre-teens that encourages boys to be pimps and girls strippers. See here to see what I mean.

Overall, however, I hope Christians will reconsider their aversions toward Halloween if any exists. I do believe the Church has an opportunity before them every October 31st and we must seize it.



Blogger Ebeth said...

Dr. Mohler has a good post on this also today, which my husband brought to my attention.

2:52 PM, October 31, 2007  
Blogger Daniel said...

Halloween shmalloween.

364 days out of the year we tell our kids not to take candy from strangers, we tell them to be home while it is still light out, and to be in the world but not of it. Then on Halloween we tell them to go out when it gets dark, and to systematically beg for candy from every house that has a light on just like all the other kids are doing...

I am just saying. ;P

11:37 AM, November 02, 2007  

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