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Monday, September 24, 2007

Moronified Professors

James White's little girl, Summer, is all grown up and is now a freshman at Glendale Community College located in the Phoenix metro-area. And as a new college freshman, she has encountered her first moronified professor.

You know what a moronified professor is right? Its one of those barking mad professors who, rather than actually teaching the subject the students are paying for, sees fit to pontificate aimlessly the entire class hour with his or her leftist, moonbat propaganda. The hot-button topic these days are of course the evils of G.W. and the Iraq war. These are the kind of professors who would not hesitate to have Cindy Sheehan come in and guest lecture on global politics.

So James White's little girl, Summer, encounters one of these moronified professors in her philosophy class. Instead of spending the alloted class time discussing the finer points of Hegel, he chooses to give an emotionally charged ANSWERS pep talk as to why George Bush should be strung up naked in front of the Washington Monument, or something along those lines.

Sometime during the course of his anti-Bush tirade, the professor (whose picture posted at James' site reminds me of a tuna boat captain) made the unfortunate mistake of becoming verbally combative with Summer, Jame White's little girl. Utterly unaware of the tar baby he was about to squeeze tightly with both arms, this pseudo-intellectual bully who likes to "beat up" on 18 year old girls in his class room, raised the subject of Christianity and the authorship of the four gospels during their "exchange" and the professor tells Summer she has been lied to and deceived by her church leaders.

Now, those are fightin' words if you are a thoughtful and engaged parent, especially coming from some scruffy bearded hippy dufus philosophy professor. He is basically saying James and his wife, and their family's church, intentionally lied to their daughter so as to deceive her and keep her from the "truth." So James did what any thoughtful parent engaged in his kids' lives who has a popular blog: He posted an open letter to this professor and challenged him to be a man and let James either visit his class to discuss the historicity of the gospels or debate him in a public forum on the subject.

I was sort of curious who this guy was, so after I read the open letter, I "Googled" his name and was linked to a 404 Forbidden page. I am not sure what that means exactly, but I went back and clicked the cached section of my Google search. I noticed this professor has, or had, a statement about his religion classes posted on-line, but when I tried to click to it, I got another dead link. Thinking swiftly, I popped over to the Way Back Machine site that archives old websites that may now be defunct. Isn't the internet just amazing?

I took this link: www.gc.maricopa.edu/philosophy/website/facultyprofiles/carterreligionwarning.html

Copied it into the search engine at the Way Back site, and presto, I was taken to his on-line statement. I was particular interested in his opening paragraph where he writes:

Note concerning those who should not take this course: In this course I will issue a very strong criticism of what I call the Authority-Obedience model of religion. Ultimately, however, as with all issues in life, you must make up your own mind based on the evidence. The study of religion involves more self-awareness and personal engagement than other disciplines, and this study simply cannot occur if students insist on forcing all religious ideas into the categories of their own particular faith. If you cannot tolerate discussions that: 1) argue that the Bible is not the word of God and contains many errors; 2) reveal historical contradictions between religious theory and practice; 3) take evolution seriously; 4) claim other religious are just as valid and valuable as Christianity; 5) deny that faith permits one to believe any contradictions or absurdity one wishes to; 6) claim certain religious models have been far more harmful to man than helpful; 7) show that God is necessarily a tyrant if you make certain common assumptions about His nature, then you should not take this course.

Don't you just love it? Authority-Obedience model of religion. Just say Christianity, dude.

How about those 7 points? I wonder if he applies those suggestions to his own philosophical presuppositions? You know, consider those points of view that take biblical creationism seriously, claims the exclusivity of biblical Christianity as the only viable religious worldview, and challenges the faith based assumptions of Darwinian theory.

I have a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't. He has just as much blind commitment to his leftist fundamentalism as the Christian fundamentalists do their faith, only they are not blind.

I for one hopes his arrogance gets the best of him and he lets James teach one of his classes, or even better, takes up his challenge for a public debate. No one needs to be put in their place more than a moronified community college professor, especially one who likes to verbally bully freshman in their philosophy 101 class.

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Blogger Joanna Martens said...

I'm interested to know what James' daughter's response was to the crazy bearded man. Surely she would be well-equipped being the offspring of Mr. White...
I remember professors like this one, and I went to a christian school. Although, the discussions tended to be geared more towards the evil insanity of Calvinism and why God would never "choose" people to go to heaven over others... i mean, it's just WRONG.

10:18 AM, September 24, 2007  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Apparently, if you read through the open letter, he implies she did a fairly good job of standing her ground. I would figure, however, she was a bit intimidated by the guy, particularly her being the student and he being the authority in the class.


10:20 AM, September 24, 2007  

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