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Friday, August 03, 2007

More on the Islamic Creationist

The Christian Science Monitor -- which, by the way, is neither "Christian" nor "Science" -- has a longer article about the Islamic anti-evolutionist evangelist, Adnan Oktar, whom I mentioned in an article a couple of weeks ago.

Three thoughts struck me after reading it.

1) The article paints this "apologist" as something of an amateur hack, an image the media tends to portray of anyone who is a creationist of any sort. But, with the manner Oktar promotes himself, I am reminded of a Muslim version of Kent Hovind.

2) Despite his arguments against biological evolution, Oktar still embraces geological and cosmological evolution and the idea of millions of years. This is a typical position held be even Christians who choose to "compromise" with modern day "scientific" acceptance of a 4 billion year-old earth and a 15 billion year old universe. Oktar demonstrates the typical disconnect between biological evolution and geological evolution and seems to be utterly unaware of the fact that in evolutionary theory, biological evolution is dependent upon geological evolution.

By the way, Terry Mortenson has written an excellent article documenting evangelical age-of-the-earth compromises and why it is important to reject these compromises.

3) The author of the article seems to take great delight in pointing out that Americans have a lower acceptance of evolutionary dogma as folks in Turkey. The author writes,

When Science magazine conducted a survey of 34 countries last August, Turkey had the second-lowest acceptance rate of the theory of evolution (the United States had the lowest).

Re-translated: out of all those 34 countries, Americans are an embarrassing group of morons, even more so that those 3rd world yahoos in Turkey.



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