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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MacArthur on Larry King Live

You probably missed it. I missed it. The announcement didn't get to me until the day after, but my pastor, John MacArthur, was on Larry King Live last night. I was sorely bummed I didn't get the news until the next day. Here's the transcript of the program.

The show conversation centered around a documentary called God's Warriors: Fighters for Faith produced by a gal named Christiane Amanpour who is the CNN chief international correspondent. The documentary discusses fundamentalism as it crosses three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. I understand that Amanpour is suppose to be fair with her work, though I went away from her comments thinking she approached the subject of fundamentalism with a curiosity that views fundamentalists, especially Christian fundamentalists, as a newly discovered stone age village of pig spearers. The documentary airs this week on CNN with the Christian segment airing on Thursday (8/23). I believe John is suppose to be on it as well.

Anyhow, Larry interviewed Amanpour for the first 20 minutes or so of the show, and then introduced a panel of guest which included John, Rabbi Marvin Heir (representing Judaism), Maher Hathout (representing Islam, even though he is somewhat liberal), Barry Lynn (representing apostate Christianity), and Paris Hilton. No just, kidding.

I was somewhat surprised Deeppockets Chopra wasn't asked to join, but I guess he was skipped over because the documentary didn't explore huckster charlatan Hindu fundamentalism.

Moving along...

Glancing over the transcript, the interchange between the guests looks interesting. Barry Lynn, who really is a dishonest hypocrite which will be explained in a moment, seemed to be John's biggest antagonist. He wanted to contradict everything John said. The best interchange between them happened somewhere in the middle when Barry, in response to a question John asked from Larry says,

LYNN: See, I would disagree with that. That is a literal belief. Many of us do not have a literal belief in the words of the -- not God written and produced but man written and produced Holy Bible for Christians.

MACARTHUR: Well, there's the huge divergence right there.

LYNN: That's a huge difference. It is a huge divergence, but it's one of the things that makes the Christian community and many of the other communities we're talking about here very diverse and very different.

MACARTHUR: Barry, if you don't believe the words of the Bible, then you can't be legitimately called a Christian because that's all the Christianity there is is what is revealed in the word of God, not the Christianity you can invent outside of the meaning of Scripture.

LYNN: See, but here we go again because some of us would look at -- we're not having a Bible study tonight, but some of us could look ...

MACARTHUR: I wish we were.

LYNN: Well, maybe we should. The ongoing revelation of God to man. Why do people pray? Why do we pray if we assume that everything's known and known if we just read the Scriptures one more time? Many of us, particularly in more liberal Protestant denominations believe that God is still speaking and that that's an important theological point. Some people believe there is no God to speak and never did speak. (blue emphasis mine)

John's comments to Lynn that you can't legitimately be called a Christian unless you believe in the Word of God are stellar, and in my opinion, his best comment of the evening.

However, zero in on the last comments by Lynn where he says "The ongoing revelation of God to man." Lynn believes in the neo-orthodox view of on going revelation from God. That man can receive revelation from God when he prays or has some sort of personal experience that makes him feel good. This belief got Lynn in trouble when he agreed to debate James White on the issue of whether homosexuality is compatible with biblical Christianity.

Lynn, I am guessing, thought he was going to debate some ignorant country bumpkin bigot preacher and instead found himself stumbling into a big vat of whoop em'. He raised the "on going revelation from God" argument in his opening statement, and during the cross examination, James pounded him to no end on how we can know anything for certain if we can't trust the Bible as a sufficient rule of faith and all we have is our own personal experience with the "on going revelation of God." Who's to say whose revelation is right or wrong? Boiled down, with personal revelation driving each individual as Lynn believes, he really has no standard by which to say fundamentalists are wrong for imposing their views in the realm of politics. They could simply argue their motivation for their politics is an "on going revelation" from God.

All of that to say, once Lynn got his hiney handed to him after that debate with James, he threatened to sue Alpha and Omega Ministries if they released the audio or video of the debate. So every time I hear or see this phony, self-proclaimed free-speech advocate blow-hard who routinely rails against the intolerance of Christians, I just shake my head at what a hypocritical joke he really is.

Anyways, if you can catch the Thursday showing of that documentary, it may be an interesting watch.

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Blogger Carl said...

My opinion of Barry Lynn is about the same as someone who buys a mail-order degree from a fly-by-night "seminary" (and I use the term VERY loosely in this regard) and flaunts it arrogantly every chance they get to try to give themselves some instant credibility. Lynn's so-called Christian teachings, what little there are, go well beyond what is commonly referred to as "liberal theology" and threatens to cross the line into gross heresy. The main reason he regularly gets asked to be a guest on cable news programs is because his liberal stances tend to coincide with the liberal nature of the mainstream corporate news media. As far as Biblical matters go, Lynn is not and should not be considered a legitimate authority.

12:09 PM, August 21, 2007  
Blogger Raulemir said...

Mr. Fred,

You mention Barry get "hiney" handed to him. To Muslim this sound painful, perhaps even immodest.

Whatever. That not Muslim question today.

You tell Muslim, please, since you know Bible. What is Greek word for "hiney?"

You do good blog, Mr. Fred. Muslim grateful.



6:23 PM, August 21, 2007  

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