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Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Dead King Day

I was tooling around in our Wal-Mart a little bit ago and came upon a display of unique Reese's Cups. Rather than being your usual chocolate and peanut butter that has joined together to make one of the world's greatest treats, these were banana and peanut butter cups. They were wrapped in golden foil and the cups were a light yellow with a peanut butter center. On the bag was a picture of Elvis Presley's big head. The package said something about bananas and peanut butter was Elvis's favorite snack, and these commemorative candies were for a limited time only.

Curiosity overwhelmed me, so I grabbed a bag.

I was left wondering why there was a special Elvis Presley bag of Reese's Cups, but then it dawned on me: 2007 is the 30th anniversary of Elvis's demise on the toilet bowl. Wow, the day just sort of snuck up on me.

Yep, August 16th, 1977, Elvis succumbed to the 40 or so pain medications he was taking and that were binding him up, and he had a massive heart attack.

I never really got into Elvis. We were more Kenny Rogers people.

My mother saw Elvis at a county fair when she was a teenager. It was before he was really big and performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.

The mother-in-law of another friend of mind tells us she danced with Elvis at a high school dance he and his band were playing. In between the live band numbers, when the kids were listening to slow dance records, none of the girls would dance with Elvis. They all thought he was weird. My friend's mother-in-law felt sorry for him and spent all evening offering to dance with him.

I had even another acquaintance who attended my church in college whose major claim to fame was that he was working in the ER in Memphis the night they brought Elvis to the hospital. My acquaintance helped to revive him, but to no avail. I remember him saying to us, "Yep, he was definitely dead. I don't know how he could possibly 'fake' being dead."

Graceland is apparently having a big shin-dig all this week celebrating the 30th anniversary of Elvis's death. Celebrating the anniversary of his death? Click the link. There is a video clip of Elvis's ALOHA from Hawaii concert where he is singing in one of his signature white bespangled jumpsuits. That was pretty cool.

By the way, I busted open my Elvis memorial banana-peanut butter cups. Though the first one had a flavor a person may say is "different," after I ate two or three, they started to taste nasty. I brought my near full bag to work and passed them out to my co-workers. Of course, everyone had the same curiosity I did when I first saw the bag and each person had to "try" one. They all seemed to have the same reaction I did. Thankfully, there were enough co-workers to finish them off.



Blogger BugBlaster said...

You are quirky, Fred. You got more connections than Forrest Forrest Gump.

10:38 AM, August 17, 2007  
Blogger Carl said...

I cannot stand Elvis Presley music. I recognize the man's talent but if I hear anything he did, I have to change radio stations or TV channels. Just drives me bonkers.


I'll give you the abbreviated version.

My Mom grew up in Memphis and while growing up the first 12 years of my life we drove up from Cleveland, Mississippi to visit them often during the 60's and 70's. It was Elvis overload. The breaking point for me was when we stopped to get gas near Graceland on Elvis Presley Blvd. and while the attendant was putting gas in my Dad's car (family station wagon) I and my Grandparents walked next door to the Elvis souvenir shop. One of the choices of items was vials of "Elvis sweat." Furthermore seeing an overweight guy in polyester stretch pants (10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack) with badly dyed black mutton chops on the sides and a ridiculous combover on top with his wife also stuffed in polyester and a beehive that would make Marge Simpson jealous really killed whatever interest I have ever had in Elvis Presley. I've gone beyond "I couldn't care less" to "I can't stand it."

But hay, that's just me.

1:15 PM, August 18, 2007  

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