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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ben Stein's Blog

Ben Stein, the monotone science teacher from the Wonder Years TV series, and I think he wrote speeches for Nixon and Ford on the side, has a blog plugging a new documentary he is involved with called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

It appears the film will explore the censorship non-Darwinian ID proponents experience in the so-called "scientific community." Of course, if Mr. Stein really wanted to explore academic censorship, he would talk about how creationists are the most censored, even by IDers.

At any rate, by the description he provides in his introductory post, the film looks to be promising. The "academic" censorship he describes is already on display among the 500 plus comments by the secular, evolutionary fundamental extremists who are outraged he is even taking the subject on. There are lots of folks making plenty of faith based, dogmatic, and unfalsifiable assertions in their comments in defense of evolution. They are actually fun to read if you got a moment to spare.

(HT Gene Bridges)

OH, before I posted, I should have reminded folks of a speech Michael Crichton gave a few years ago highlighting how environmentalism mixes science and politics. He goes into some detail about the stifling censorship of those dissenting voices speaking out against the global warming crazies. Aliens Cause Global Warming.

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