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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beer + Bears = Bad (and another cautionary tale)

Note my emphasis

BELGRADE, Serbia (Reuters) -- A 23-year old Serb was found dead and half-eaten in the bear cage of Belgrade Zoo at the weekend during the annual beer festival.

The man was found naked, with his clothes lying intact inside the cage. Two adult bears, Masha and Misha, had dragged the body to their feeding corner and reacted angrily when keepers tried to recover it.

"There's a good chance he was drunk or drugged. Only an idiot would jump into the bear cage," zoo director Vuk Bojovic told Reuters.

Local media reported that police found several mobile phones inside the cage, as well as bricks, stones and beer cans. (source)

I'm not a tee-totaler, but it certainly makes a person re-think those proverbs about wine being a mocker and strong drink raging and all.

Then one final example from the archives. This happened around where I grew up in Missouri. Again, note my emphasis ...

Fish Swallower Chokes To Death

Associated Press Thursday, May 17, 2001
Breaking News Sections

VIBURNUM, Mo. (AP) -- A man who apparently had spent the day drinking with friends choked to death trying to swallow a live, 5-inch fish.

Todd Poller's friends reported hearing the 45-year-old yell: "Hey, watch this," before he grabbed a perch from the water and dropped it headfirst into his mouth. Iron County Sheriff Alan Mathes said Poller choked and gasped as his friends tried to dislodge the fish. He was pronounced dead when emergency crews arrived.

An autopsy found Poller died from asphyxiation from having the fish lodged in his throat. Aside from choking, Poller suffered lacerations to the inside of his throat from the fish's fins.


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