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Monday, July 23, 2007

MacArthur the Mystic?

Have you discovered God Tube yet? It is the Christian version of You Tube.

Youtube is the website where anyone and his crazy little brother can up load personal videos for all the world to see Youtube's motto: Broadcast Yourself.

Godtube is the Christian version where anyone and his crazy little brother can up load personal videos for all the world to see. Godtube's motto: Broadcast Him.

And, just like Youtube, you can find the good, the bad, and the down right ugly on Godtube where the motto could just as easily be: Embarrass Him.

Case in point.

A buddy of mine alerted me to a video he saw recently where it is claimed my pastor, John MacArthur, is a mystic. Knowing that John doesn't have a mystical bone in his body, I was intrigued by the assertion.

The video begins with a War Games computer voice reading selected citations from two of his sermons: Reasons for the Wrath of God, pt 1 and Judgment on a Reprobate Society. The computer voice reads the out-of-context quotes that are strung together by ellipses in a Gail Riplinger/KJV-only fashion. The quotations are designed to imply that John believes and teaches universalism and that people don't need to hear the gospel so as to be saved. If you didn't have the original sources and were unable to read the quotes in their context, a person would quickly conclude John taught this heretical doctrine.

The remainder of the video is the "apologist" standing in his poorly lite dinning room deconstructing the out-of-context quotations and proclaiming: Wow! Pastor MacArthur says men don't need to hear the gospel to be saved. BOOOO! Beware of John MacArthur!

I even noticed on the comments under the video some wacky KJV onlyists has added his two cents about John by reminding everyone that he denies the blood of Christ.

Three thoughts in response:

First, if anyone takes the time to read the actual, unedited transcripts I linked, they will quickly see what John is really teaching on Romans 1. In those two sermons, he describes how men everywhere are responsible before God for their sin because they willfully sin against the knowledge of God that has been revealed in creation and their conscience. John never says they know God in a salvific sense apart from the proclamation of the gospel. In fact, he says the exact opposite, that men everywhere are rightfully condemned because they willfully sin against what they know to be true. Reading these two transcripts in the full, unedited form clearly demonstrates this amateur "apologist" is a lying fraud.

Second, the video "apologist" is an Aussie fellow by the name of Andrew Bain. I have encountered him on a few forum discussion boards I use to frequent. As far as I can recall, I personally never interacted with him, but watching any discussions he would be involved with unfold, he quickly exposed himself as being a hyper-Calvinist nutter. (And, just so that we are on the same page, a hyper-Calvinist is not a person who believes in limited atonement. Limited atonement is orthodox, biblical Calvinism). The discussions would eventually degrade into him saying every Bible teacher and pastor in the world teaches a false gospel and he would be kicked off the forum by the administrator. Now he has his own site and the ability to upload dishonest video screeds to the world wide web.

Lastly, note who else is the object of his video apologetics. Such Christian luminaries as John Piper, R.C. Sproul, Charles Spurgeon, and Jonathan Edwards to name a few, and I am sure that if I were to track down the original sources for the quotes Andrew attacks, they too would be shown to be taken out-of-context and dishonestly abused.

From my perspective, it appears as though we may have an oddball cult leader in the making. This is usually how the cultist begins. Everyone has a false gospel but me and in order to prove the point, I will misrepresent my opponents I am criticizing.

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Blogger Steve said...

He's a false teacher who is falsely accusing others. Nothing but trouble.

1:04 PM, July 24, 2007  
Blogger Tim A. said...

This definitely needed to be told. A false teacher calling a great Biblical teacher a false teacher.
John MacArthur is one of the best expositional preachers of God's Word I know of. I have read many of his books and find great encouragement, knowledge, and understanding from them.
God bless you.
Tim A. Blankenship

4:38 AM, July 27, 2007  
Blogger Chris said...

I think Andrew is enjoying all of the attention he's been getting on youtube, myspace, Godtube etc. with all of his outrageous assertaions. What other way to get people's attention then by attacking the "heavy weights?" What is even more outrageous is that I saw comments by a professed Calvinist thanking Andrew for "warning him about RC Sproul." Unbelievable and simply evil.

10:12 PM, July 27, 2007  

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