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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Oikodomeis Awards

I got tagged a couple of weeks ago with the Oikodomeis Award. I have been wanting to blog on it, but busy times here at work and home have prevented me.

Additionally, this is a special award of sorts that I can't take lightly.

First, Daniel, the bestower of this award, made me a recipient of which I am truly honored. It makes me feel all weepy in side - honest; because according to the award description, it is given to a blog that constantly edifies you. When a semi-stranger you know only via the Internet considers your blog a source of constant edification, there is now a new standard of accountability. I feel as though I can't blog about stupid stuff anymore.

Second, the requirements of this award have really stumped me. I am suppose to tag those blogs that edify me and there are many bloggers who edify me. Pretty much every one listed in my side bar I read with regularity and derive soul stirring edification. Thus, paring down this list to three or so is extremely difficult.

However, if I had to say three, they would be:

James White's Alpha and Omega ministries = I appreciate the debates he sets up and the information he provides.

Steve Hays and his Triablogue crew = I love the fact these guys, particularly Steve, have the ability to run down, tackle, and hogtie every harebrained, crackpot apologist on the Internet and with thorough patience meaningfully answer their arguments point-by-point.

and The Narrow Mind Aftermath blog = This is probably the one blog that brings me the most edification. It is not a blog per se, but the audio archives for Gene Cook's Narrow Mind webcast. I primarily listen by podcast, but his programs are stellar and there are a handful I keep in a file for future reference. For example, when my wife and I had dinner with the Mormons, before the missionaries show up we reviewed an interview Gene did with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministries that was helpful for us.

The audio archives are free, but only remain free on-line for a week or more, so you have to move fast to get them downloaded. Or, you can do what I do and just podcast them. When each episode is posted, people can make comments about it. I also frequently participate in the comment discussions with the other Christians as well as the rank unbelievers. That is why I say this blog is the most edifying for me. My faith is always being challenged and encouraged in the comments.

Now honestly, even though I picked these three, more than likely none of them will participate with this tag, so hopefully I haven't killed it. Sorry Daniel if that happens.

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Blogger Nathan said...

I feel as though I can't blog about stupid stuff anymore.

But that's why I come here.

8:28 AM, May 02, 2007  
Blogger thomas4881 said...

Fide-O did not edify me at all for a while. Then I threatened the Fide-O golden egg(Amillenialism)and then, surprisingly, John Macarthur gave that speech at the shepherds confrence on Pre-Millenialism. Then Fide-O went into overkill in defense of Amillenialism. All Fide-O was at first when I was there was a lot of blogging on sports. Now it's all blogging on defending Amillenialism.

I enjoy your Blogging Fred because it's diverse and you follow up on the topics.

3:49 PM, May 02, 2007  
Blogger evanmay said...

Go Fred! :-)

8:39 PM, May 02, 2007  
Blogger ann_in_grace said...

And, for whatever it is worth, I am a NM-addict :)

5:11 AM, May 03, 2007  
Blogger Daniel said...

This award is for blogs that consistently edify you.

Constant edification is another league altogether... ;-)

11:55 AM, May 03, 2007  
Blogger Kim said...

Well, your blog makes me think and it has made me laugh. What better combination is there?

9:21 AM, May 04, 2007  

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