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Friday, May 04, 2007

Jesus as Theos

Early in April I blogged for my Apologetics in Action series a testimony by Doug Kutilek describing his encounter with a Jehovah's Witness who had stopped by his house. It captured the attention of a trolling JW who posted a long list of alleged "scholars" who claimed contra the historic teaching of the Christian Church and every major orthodox, historical translation of the biblical text, that John 1:1 should be translated as it is found in the New World Translation, ... and the Word was a god.

The list looked impressive, and to the uniformed lay person it had a foreboding appearance that raised the question of "how can these folks be wrong?" I learned a long time ago not to be moved by long, foreboding lists of so-called scholarship. Scholars of all stripes with multiple, high-level degrees from Ivory league schools believe a lot of nutty things. For example 9-11 conspiracy kooks who call themselves 9/11 scholars for truth.

At any rate, Alpha and Omega Ministries linked over to a paper recently presented at the southwestern regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, entitled Jesus as Theos: Scriptural Fact of Scribal Fantasy? It deals with the biblical teaching of Christ's full Divinity.

The paper is not for the faint of heart because it contains a lot of fancy Greek words and is heavily footnoted with citations from more hard to read sources with fancy Greek words. Yet, the paper is worth the time spent digesting for the serious student. The author, Brain Wright, was an intern for Daniel B. Wallace, the one guy who actually handles many of these original manuscripts often questioned and disputed by biblical heretics like the JW who buried me with his comments.

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Blogger thomas4881 said...

People who try to impress by using tearing apart a tiddle of scripture are woefully ignorant of the Bible. God made man and knows man learns by repetition. I can know a doctrine is true based on the repetition of the statements made on certain topics. For example: By the time I read from Genesis to Joshua I've read the story of the exodus at least 5 times if not more. That repetition ensures by the time I read to revelation I'm going to remember the many things that have been said in repetition, possibly thousands of times.

Theses supposed scholars will try to boggle the mind by focusing on one verse for hours and looking at the greek. It's really nothing more than a smoke screen. The problem with these types of individuals who focus only on the textual criticism is that they never actually focus on the art of studying the Bible. They focus on the art of translating languages. In the end they learn nothing because they never asked the Lord to help them - Luke 24:48

8:37 PM, May 04, 2007  

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