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Monday, May 14, 2007

Atheists Wring Hands

Ken Ham, director of Answers in Genesis, tells of two recent examples of atheists freaking out over the opening of AiG's new Creation Museum later this month.

First were the comments by Dr. Eugenie Scott speaking to a local group of atheists calling itself the Free Inquiry Group. Contrary to its phony name, the Free Inquiry Group has been one of the biggest opponents of AiG making several attempts to shackle their progress with building the museum ever since the creation ministry announced their plans nearly a decade ago to build it.

Dr. Scott was guest lecturer at a Free Inquiry meeting earlier in May who spent a good portion of the Q&A time after her talk fielding questions from atheists desperate to stifle the anticipated effectiveness of the new museum. One question asked how anti-creationists can answer their [AiG] views on dinosaurs, while another worried about public schools being pressured to take children to the museum.

Dr. Scott, who is the head of an organization whose primary purpose is to bring to trial any public school scientific "heretic" who questions Darwinian evolution and allows intelligent design literature into his or her classes, gave responses to these questions that were misinformed and just short of outright mocking. Ironically, in one of her comments, Dr. Scott spoke about AiG's proselytizing of school children, when she herself endorses the introduction of Darwinian evolutionary propaganda to children as early as kindergarten.

In another post, Ken Ham points out a number of petitions currently circulating on the internet opposed to the opening of the museum. The petitions talk about the bad influence and negative impact this museum will have with all its unscientific exhibits.

I'm sorry, internet petitions are worthless. They only work on cowardly, weak-minded P.C. style governmental leadership who mistakenly believe the 1,500 signatures of devotees to some cause represent the "will of the people." What do these petition sponsors think is going to happen? Answers in Genesis is going to halt the opening of their museum? That the AiG faithful and the scores of curiosity seekers are going to have second thoughts about visiting the place because a few hundred community college and university level academics say the museum presents bad science? No. All this petition does is embarrass the people circulating it because they appear to be desperate with no credible answers in response.

I always find it telling when evolutionists lack confidence in the ability of their arguments to persuade the minds of unwashed masses. Maybe its just me, but if you have to circulate dishonest internet petitions against your opponents or run to the courts so as to let them fight your opposition's ideas by the use of censorship clothed in "separation of church-state" jargon, your position is not worthy of consideration.

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Blogger Lance M. Roberts said...

I am always amazed by the intolerance and fear that these people display. Afterall, these are usually the same people calling us to be tolerant and to not be so exclusivistic and etc. Yet they are so fearful of one museum that from what I hear is out in the country somewhere. I don't really know, but it doesn't seem to be in the center of some major thriving metropolis (i.e. NY, DC, LA, etc.).

The truth hurts and calls them to turn from their wicked ways. It is no wonder they show such disdain. Praise God for the courage of Ken Ham and others who are on the front lines of this battle for the truth! Let's pray for those on the side of error and that God would be so gracious to bring them to the knowledge of the Truth (the Lord Jesus Christ) that they too may be saved.

11:17 AM, May 14, 2007  
Blogger pilgrim said...

I'd like to check the museum out--it may make for a refreshing change from what we would find in many museums.

But that it is opposed is not surprising. The world doesn't want to be confronted with challenges to its beliefs.

10:45 AM, May 17, 2007  

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