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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Exodus Pharaoh

The spring 2006 Master's Seminary Journal contained one of the most fascinating articles on the book of Exodus I think I have ever read. It was on the identity of the Exodus pharaoh.

I do not believe I have been as transfixed by a journal article as I was this one. Yes, yes, yes. Total geekdom I know; but the author, Doug Petrovich, who currently teaches in Russia at the Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary, and was only briefly a classmate of mine (he was preparing to graduate and I was just starting), managed to outline all the mundane historical and archaeological data and craft it into an engaging article. I envy his talent.

Basically, Doug makes the case that Amenhotep II was the Exodus pharaoh and not Ramses II as is commonly held by most "biblical" scholars. I guess I could add liberal biblical scholars. Any how, He argues around five lines of evidence, one of which is the empire-wide defacing of the images of Hatsheptsut, a female ruler around the same time during the correct date of the Exodus (1440 BC) would have taken place. The defacing of her image (statues and paintings) took place, it is argued, because she was Moses' adoptive mother, the daughter of pharaoh who found him in the river (Exodus 2:5-10).

Last year the Biblical Archaeology Review had an article about Hatshepsut and her defacing. I would read it at the radiation oncologist office while I was waiting for my radiation treatments. It took me three days in a row to finish it, but the author's conclusion as to why her image was defaced was because she was a feminist and the all male establishment didn't like uppity females. I remember chuckling out loud as I was finishing up the article and one of the technicians who would set me up to be zapped asked me what was funny. I had the opportunity to talk with him about the entire Exodus narrative using Doug's article as a reference point.

I have been waiting months for Dennis Swanson, the seminary librarian, to get this article in PDF so I could link it and share it with my readers and it came on-line over the weekend. Print it out and read it. Not only is it riveting, but it will also get you excited about the infallibility of God's Word.

Amenhotep II and the historicity of the Exodus pharaoh

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Blogger Daniel said...

Those kind of witnessing opportunities are the best! I have the article loaded, I will let you know what I thought.

10:09 AM, February 12, 2007  
Blogger pilgrim said...

I'll read the whole article later--but I have read shorter versions of the same idea.

It may be in the article, but I believe they found Amnehotep II is not a first born son, nor was the son who succeeded him the first born...

6:56 PM, February 19, 2007  

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