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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Evolution-ID-Creationism Lectures

One of the blessings my job affords me is the opportunity to teach and preach to two groups of about 50 folks each on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of these people are retired and have decided to spend their time serving our ministry. My duty is to oversee their work. One of my side privileges is the preaching.

I good bulk of these folks have been under John MacArthur's ministry from day one. For someone like me coming on the scene thirty years later, keeping the preaching of God's Word fresh can pose a challenge. What I decided to do for the most part was to present lectures and sermons on topics they would not generally hear, usually apologetic subjects.

Last year I gave 11 lectures on the subject of Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Creationism. Those lectures were available at my other website, Fred's Bible Talk, but because I preach to two separate groups, I can re-teach the material and fill in the holes and tweak the messages here and there if need be. Within the last few months, I have had opportunity to re-edit and re-master the entire series so that now it is available in clear, digital THX, 6.1 surround sound... Well, that may be a bit overstating the facts, but they are now available in MP3 format for download on your I-pods or MP3 player of your choosing.

At any rate, it is my conviction that Darwinian evolutionary philosophy will provide one of the greatest challenges for the Christian Church within the next decade, because evolutionary adherents have become strident, caustic, and censoring; not allowing any challenge to their beliefs from detractors and even running to law courts to fight their intellectual property battles. Evolutionary propagandists are already calling any dissent from Darwinianism "pseudo-science," and I can envision a future time when anyone who even hints at teaching something other than the accepted "truth" will feel the sting of persecution in some way or the other.

I did this series in order to inform the Christian community of the importance of having a firm grip on the arguments necessary to engage philosophical naturalism with the gospel.

What is Evolution-ID-Creationism?

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