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Friday, February 23, 2007

Bro. Cloud's Mailbox

To: David Cloud
Cc: Texe Marrs; Gail Riplinger
Subject: The Toyota symbol

Dear Bro. Cloud,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

First I want to say how much me and my friends love your website. You are one of the few Baptist men preaching the true Word of God in the world today. We also appreciate how you are pointing out compromise and apostasy in the Church and we check your site almost every week, some times twice a week, to see who we need to separate from.

Because we benefit from your ministry, we value your opinion on a small difficulty me and my friends have encountered. It's like this,

Early last year, me and four friends felt called of the Lord to start a street preaching/soul winning ministry team. We were able to raise enough money between us to buy several thousand Chick tracts and comics and the materials to make a bunch of street preaching signs with Bible messages and pictures of false teachers burning in hell painted on them. One of our team members, Danny, was able to secure a bull horn so we could preach to large crowds and make sure everyone around us could hear our message clearly.

We first started out preaching in front of the Catholic church in town and at the local high school basket ball and foot ball games. We also preached at the county fair and then at the state fair, and then at a contemporary "Christian" rock concert that took place in a big mega-church about a 2 hours drive from us.

As God began to bless our ministry, we believed we needed to have some sort of van so we could all travel together instead of driving separately to our preaching locations.

We began to pray that God would provide us a van, and last month, a family who just moved into our area from California, sold us their Toyota van for a really good price. All of us were praising the Lord for providing us this van. We were able to use it right away to travel together to preach in front of some of the big churches we know are Purpose-Driven churches. However, Randy, one of our team members noticed the symbol for the Toyota van. Please see the picture I took of it:

All of us were unsure what to make of it, because we all drive Ford's and Chevy's and had never seen the Toyota symbol before. Travis thinks it might be the head of some Japanese devil god, though Danny says it looks like a picture of a woman's reproductive system he use to see in one of those secular humanist health books in public school.

We would really appreciate your comments about the symbol, because we want to keep our street preaching ministry pure and walk before the Lord with integrity and we would hate for some demonic symbol to curse our efforts.

Please emails us as fast as you can, because we were planning a road trip to Salt Lake City to street preach in front of the Mormon tabernacle during their convention and to Southern Seminary in Louisville to preach to that compromiser, Al Mohler.

God Bless,
Ray Hollis

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Blogger Mike-e said...

this stuff is a lot funnier when you realize that its a joke :-P

10:16 AM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger thomas4881 said...

Yeah that was hilarious, the part saying the toyota symbol could be a japanese devil god,lol. It does make me curious about the symbol.

2:21 PM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Mike, it is funny, not because it is not real, but because it is REAL.


12:13 PM, February 24, 2007  

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