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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Before they found the The Lost Tomb of Jesus...

The media is all buzzing about the new documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus put together by Simcha Jacobovici and James "King of the World" Cameron.

James White has been doing some good early debunking of the documentary which is suppose to air this Sunday on the Discovery Channel. Also, here is an article by Darrel Bock and a really good overview of the ossuaries by Dr. Paul Maier.

One thing to note about Jacobovici and Cameron that may be of interest. Last fall they released a documentary called The Exodus Decoded. One of my volunteers loaned me his copy and I watched it last week before all the current Jesus tomb hype hit the public. All I can say is if the kind of research Jacobovici and Cameron present in the Exodus documentary is the same they will present in this Jesus tomb documentary, then prepare yourself to be underwhelmed.

Basically, the Exodus documentary opens up with Jacobovici and Cameron pointing to what they consider to be major components to the Exodus story. They identify whom they believe to be the Exodus Pharaoh, the presence of "Jews" in Egypt by way of a ring that was suppose to belong to the biblical Jacob, a mass expulsion from the land of Egypt of a large group of Canaanite people, and a volcanic eruption off the coast of Greece. They next present why they think they can "synchronize" all of the major elements at one point in time, 1500 B.C. It apparently doesn't matter to them that there is much debate among scholars as to when these events, especially the volcanic eruption, took place and the fact no credible scholar either secular or biblical, believes the volcano had anything to do with the Exodus.

That's probably the first 30 minutes of the show. The remainder of the program is Jacobovici and Cameron attempting to provide naturalistic, "scientific," anti-supernaturalistic explanations for the 10 plagues by way of snazzy computer graphics. Anyone who has read skeptical literature from atheists probably would recognize some of the explanations. The most comically absurd, however, was the explanation for the 10th plague, the death of the first born.

According to the Exodus documentary, carbon monoxide gas was released from the poisoned Nile river and it is the cause of their death. Of course the curious reader may ask, "Well. How exactly did everyone else survive and the gas single out just the first born?" Ah. That's a good question, and our two ark raiders are prepared with an answer. You see, the first born son held a place of prominence in Egyptian culture, and because they were the first born son, they had the privilege of sleeping on a special bed low to the ground. (I am a first born son and I never had such an honor). Mean while, as the first born are peacefully snoozing down stairs on bed low to the ground, all the other children had to sleep on the roof tops. Thus, when this monoxide cloud came creeping across the land, it only killed those individuals low to the ground.

Ahhhhh... I see. Makes all the sense in the world.

They of course appeal to modern day occurrences of similar phenomena that have happened in Africa, specifically the nation of Cameroon at Lake Nyos. But, in light of the disaster in Cameroon, neither men had an explanation as to why only the first born were killed, why it only affected the Egyptians, why the first born of all cattle were killed as the biblical text tells us (Exodus 12:29), and why only the first born of those in the dungeons were killed.

It is these sort of terrible errors and inconsistencies that only proves Jacobovici and Cameron are unqualified and incompetent to speak authoritatively on any thing archaeological. This in spite of the sweet computer graphics that drive the documentary. To get a feel of how bad these documentarians mishandle historical evidence, read Dr. Bryant Woods critique.

At any rate, Christians do have a great apologetic opportunity the next couple of weeks while this documentary is fresh on people's minds. Do seize the the moment to defend the faith and proclaim the true gospel, so get busy informing yourself as much as you can.

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Blogger thomas4881 said...

In the exodus documentary they showed the altar with steps going up to it. When reading the law of Moses I read that there were to be no steps going up to the altar. God even made the Levites wear underwear,lol. Their claim that the greeks saw the altar and made those replicas is funny to say the least.

2:23 PM, February 28, 2007  
Blogger Mike-e said...

I ordered the book, and will probably read it in one night. Like the Da Vinci hype, this will be yet another great opportunity to share our faith. People are going to be talking about this stuff more than ever before, whether Christian or non. I'm definitely excited and hope that this will serve as a wakeup call for Christians to be ready to make a defense.

2:49 PM, February 28, 2007  
Blogger Fundamentally Reformed said...

Okay, so my first comment disappeared into la-la land.



Great post. Very interesting in the context of the whole tomb-debate. Gotta love their all out push to deny anything supernatural, practically.

And they really think they're doing Christianity a favor by proving that Christ existed? By finding his tomb?

I really enjoyed Bock's article on the tomb of Jesus. This article on their Exodus documentary helps add perspective.

Thanks again.

Blessings in Christ,

Bob Hayton

6:21 PM, March 02, 2007  

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