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Monday, December 04, 2006

Rubbing Shoulders with Celebrities

I had noted in a blog article back in September how everyone at my Church but me was seeing Kirk Cameron and his family on Sunday mornings. After I finally had my first official "Kirk Cameron Sighting," I not only see the guy every Sunday at least once, but sometimes more than twice.

Usually, it is just him and his wife or kids. I normally see him during the second service when he comes in the back door close to where my wife and I sit in church. Rarely do I see him talking with "regular" church folks. There could be good reasons for that. Kirk and his family are somewhat new to our church and with a church that large, it may take a bit to get plugged into fellowship groups and so forth. But also, I think many folks are a tad intimidated by his celebrity status and they are either afraid to speak with him or think they shouldn't come across as "fans" and feel they need to give him his space.

I generally don't get intimidated by celebrities, especially Christian celebrities. Now, I will definitely get excited to meet someone I genuinely respect as an author or preacher. For example (and my wife loves this story), the first time I met James White, I was walking down a hall behind our worship center and I saw James with Phil Johnson. I stopped and point blank asked Phil, "Well, aren't you going to introduce me?" Phil laughed, introduced me to James, and in a fit of excited glee, when I went to shake James' hand, I gave him one of those two handed clasp shakes and even patted the top of his hand as I told him how much I appreciated his apologetic work. I felt like an idiot after that encounter, but hey.

So, Kirk looks like a normal guy. I don't know why people would be intimidated by him. I am sure his breath smells in the morning just like mine. I personally want to meet him to talk about theology and apologetic methodology. I intend to make it across the campus someday when I see him roaming around so as to introduce myself.

Yesterday, I am walking with my oldest boy to pick-up my second oldest boy from his Sunday school class. I turned to my left as I walked to greet a friend and wave a quick hello, and as I turned back around to watch where I was going, I bump into this guy who was talking with his kid. I looked up to say "sorry about that" and IT WAS KIRK CAMERON!!! I stared blankly at him, frozen as to what to say. I then channeled Jerry Lewis and blurted out, "Sawwwerrrry about that..."

Yeah. What's the big deal about celebrities?



Blogger Daniel said...

I love the James White story. That would be me.

10:26 AM, December 04, 2006  

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