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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remembering Pearl Harbor

I am a bit strapped for time to blog. It has been a busy couple of days as I prepare to leave for Arkansas this next week. In the meantime, I thought I would comment on this being Pearl Harbor day.

When most people think of Pearl Harbor now, it is in reference to a dopey love triangle movie with a big middle section about World War II. Many of the volunteers who serve out at Grace to You radio ministries are WWII vets. I asked them today if anyone was actually at Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed. One guy raised his hand. His name is Marv and he is the second person I have ever met who was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

He got up and re-told how he was in the Coast Guard at the time. He can remember how he was on his ship getting ready to cast off for a patrol when he looked up to see three planes heading toward them. Everyone thought it was a drill, but he noted how they had "meatballs" hanging on them, which means the Rising Sun insignia. The three planes came in and laid down some machine gun fire, but flew over to head toward Pearl. He remembers vividly the smoke rising from the ship fires and the major explosions.

Probably the one blessed story to come out of Pearl Harbor is of Mitsuo Fuchida who led the bombing run. He was involved in many battles in the Pacific until he was injured and returned to Japan. Sunk into despair as to all the horror he had seen, the Lord brought him to Himself in 1949 when he gave his life to Christ and became a missionary to his own people in Japan.


Blogger Frank Martens said...

I always like finding people like that. I just want to sit down with them and have them share it all.

8:41 PM, December 09, 2006  

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