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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Land Fall

Well, my family and I are safe and sound in Arkansas without any major incident.

I always love it when things are what I call "non-eventful." There was a bit of an ordeal going through the security screening at LAX with 3 children and a stroller. I can't begin to tell you about the serious pressure a person feels with a line of people shuffling anxiously behind me as they waited for me to break down the stroller and place all our belongs in these plastic tubs. We finally made it to our gate with time to spare for me to stop by the Starbucks in the concourse and pick-up a grande peppermint mocha.

The flight was a tad crowded. My wife and I were separated by a row of seats. I had the middle boy with me and she had the oldest and youngest with her.

One thing that was a bit trying, and you readers with toddler aged kids may appreciate this, was the need to get up and down for the restroom. My second oldest boy is just now getting potty trained. I have already experienced one "accident" with him in public and I was fearful that we would all experience another one on this flight. So, as soon as we get situated in our seats and the flight attendants are going through their routine of demonstrating the safety features of a 757, my boy says, "I go peepee." Shock immediately crossed my face. Now, anyone who has ever flown know that those stewardess are not going to let you get up as the plane is rolling to the runway to let a 3 year old go "peepee." He would just have to hold it. Thankfully, nothing happened and we managed to get him to the facilities right after we got airborne.

Of course, the poor business traveler on the aisle seat had a rough go of it as he had to stand up holding his lap top every half hour. And, as soon as I would sit back down with the second boy, get him buckled in, the first would turn around two seats in front of me and yell so everyone in our immediate area could hear, "Daddy, I need to go poohpooh!" Thus, I had to excuse myself again to take him.

One interesting note. I met my first professional presidential impersonator. As I returned from taking one of my kids from the restroom (yet again), my wife says, "You need to meet this guy." I was introduced to Steve Bridges who impersonates George Bush. I thought "how quaint" and my immediate reaction was that he was some moonbat leftist who regularly spewed anti-Bush rhetoric with his comedy. My wife told me how he travels around and does his performances in many places and has even met the president. I first asked him, "You're not one of those bitter leftist anti-war impersonators are you?" He laughed and replied no. Then surprisingly, he asked me, "So, you attend Grace Church and work for John MacArthur at Grace to You?" I said "Yes, you know about him?" Sure enough he did. He told us he graduated Talbot and regularly works Republican fund raisers with his impersonations. When we got to Minneapolis, he turned to wave good-by as he left and I gave him a thumbs up and told him to "stay the course." My desperate attempt at political humor.

Minneapolis was a long layover; nearly 3 hours. I like their airport. It has plenty of scaled down restaurants and a kid's play area. (We didn't see any angry Muslims). We found some Chinese food at the "Wok and Roll," ate, and then let our kids run around in a giant fiberglass jet plane jungle gym contraption.

We finally touched down in Little Rock at 11:30 pm local time. We switched the kids into their p.j.s, loaded the rental van, and headed home for a hour and twenty minute drive. All the kids had hit the "wall" hours before this time, so they were angry, cranky, whiny and sleepy all wrapped up in one. The baby was so tired, he wouldn't go to sleep and giggled all the way home. I think he crashed about 10 miles out of town.

This morning, the two oldest ones woke us up. "Look what nana gave us! A big flash light. See! and daddy, listen, it has a whistle on it." Way to go nana. Let the spoiling commence.


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