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Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas time is here

This week the fam and I head across country to visit my mother in Arkansas. I am genuinely excited for the opportunity to visit with the kinfolk; I am, however, a tad apprehensive of the plane flight with 3 children four and under. My two oldest boys are thrilled at the thought of flying in a big plane as they call it. But, I am fearful that joyful anticipation will probably wear off about 45 minutes into the flight if not sooner. Then, we have a lay over in St. Paul/Minneapolis and my thought is of being snowed in, unable to depart for Little Rock, and spending Christmas at the airport. It is situations like these where my Calvinism becomes reeeaaallly practical, if you know what I mean.

We have a lot of packing to do on top of preparing for a big Christmas party brunch for my volunteers which can be viewed here in the mid-morning on Tuesday the 12th, so I will not be blogging anything substantial until after I make landfall in Arkansas.

But, if I may have a moment for a personal rant...

My wife and I have been receiving the yearly Christmas cards from the family and friends of by-gone years. I always enjoy receiving the cards from old friends, especially the ones with a picture card attached. However, I have been noticing a trend recently. Our old friends will send us a picture card, but it is only of their children. I think this is weird. The other day I received a Christmas card from an old college buddy and when I opened it up it was a picture of two strange children I have never seen before. The oldest boy some-what resembled my old college friend and I imagine the girl looked liked the mother.

Rule number one for sending out picture cards:

Include everyone in the family!

I am sorry. Even though your kids are cute as buttons and I am sure they are sweeter than Christmas tree shaped sugar cookies, I don't know them!

I know you. I want to see you and what you look like now. Perhaps these friends are embarrassed for how they look now, I don't know. They could very well be lazy and don't want to take the time to figure out how to use the timer button on the camera. What ever the case, even if the wives are fluffier now and the husbands have a round, jelly bowl like tummy and no hair, I want to see you in all your present day glory warts and all.

Please remember that for next year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we've never done a photo card because we have no children to sub for us [joke]. When will we see one of you, Brenda, and sons?

6:47 PM, December 12, 2006  

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