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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas at GTY

...and he was a plain man, dwelling in tents (Genesis 25:27)

This past Tuesday the Grace to You ministry held a lovely Christmas party brunch for the 100 plus volunteers who serve us twice a week throughout the year. I have the privilege of directing and co-ordinating these folks every week. Along with suffering my preaching, they mail out countless tapes, CDs, DVDs, books and this year, Study Bibles. I think the count was something like 900,000 pieces of mail.

The Christmas parties are the highlight for our volunteers. Not only do we provide them with a high class meal, but John and his family attend. However, in order to have the high class meal, we have to transform my work room into a make-shift banqueting hall. All day on Monday, I helped the other GTY staffers set up my room for the Christmas party. Bill Fickett, one of my GTY cohorts, captured a rare picture of me acting all domesticated with folding some fancy, cloth napkins. See it now, for this may never happen again.



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