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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Essays in apologetics and evangelism

I have a dear friend back in Missouri who was recently approached by some folks in his church to help them teach a series of classes on basic Christian apologetics. He was reluctant to be involved because he was fearful of not being like-minded with their general approach to the various subjects being presented. I told him that it may be an excellent opportunity to at least hit the class with some solid stuff they would otherwise never be exposed to.

My friend agreed and knowing that I dissent from the popular views of evangelical apologetics (being a presuppositionalist), he asked me if I would be willing to write a paper outlining my particular approach to apologetics and evangelism. I consented to his request and as I was writing out my thoughts, it occured to me, "Hey, this stuff would make great blog fodder!" So, I thought I would share with you all.

What I hope to do over the month of November is post a section of my lengthy article every Friday. I have at least 4 sections I wish to hit, maybe even more. The Lord willing, I should have the first one up tomorrow. Hopefully, these articles will be helpful for those who are brand new to apologetics, as well as those individuals who may have a solid handle on apologetic issues.

The first one will outline and critique what I call "popular level apologetics," the sort of material you hear on the Bible Answer Man and other related programs.

(By the way, I haven't forgotten my series on my musical tastes. I have another post coming on that subject as well).


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