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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Translational Discernment

I occasionally receive a dissenting comment from KJV onlyists who believe I have gone off the deep end of apostasy for leaving King James onlyism.

I received just such a comment recently from an individual who maintains the Bible Discernment website with hideous graphics to boot. I thought I would bring my response out of the meta and onto the front page for educational purposes:

The Bible is under attack from all sides. Satan knows it tells the truth about him, the victory that Jesus had at the cross, and what will happen in the future. As such, Satan has and still is making every attempt to destroy the Word of God.

(Fred) I often wonder why KJV onlyists have such a low view of God's ability to prevent His Word from being destroyed. If I didn't know any better, they sound a lot like Bart Ehrman or some Muslim apologist. Granted, KJV apologists insist on divine preservation in theory, but rarely do they genuinely believe it; at least that is what I gather from their literature with various comments about corruption.

The preservation they insist upon is only found in their one favored Anglican translation, the AV 1611. Yet, their own notion of Satan destroying the Word of God equally applies to the KJV because it has gone through multiple revisions since its initial publication. This has been documented fully, and it goes beyond just modernized spelling and simple little grammar things the KJV apologists claim were revised.

What better way to do this, than to change the meaning of the Bible over time with different bible versions; each version as it comes along claiming it is the truth and the most accurate of all the versions up until that point.

(Fred) The enemy of the faith is much more clever than introducing heresy by changing the Bible. He keeps the Bible intact, but has his false teachers pour onto the intact Bible heretical beliefs that depart from the faith. Joseph Smith and Ellen G. White were both fond of the KJV and could be called KJV onlyists. They just re-read the KJV to fit their heresies.

The line must be drawn where we say, "If the King James Bible was good enough for 400 years, then it is still good enough for me." For by it men and women have been saved and the knowledge of God imparted unto them.

(Fred) So I guess no one was truly saved BEFORE the publication of the KJV? This is what is being implied here. There is not some magical anointing set upon the KJV, though KJV advocates like to play as if there is. Men and women have been saved through a myriad of translations both before and after the publication of the KJV.

If you believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then stand up for it.

(Fred) I do stand up for the inspired Word of God. My copy of the "inspired" Word of God is found in my NKJV and the ESV I read from and use regularly. What is being advocated here is the KJV is the inspired Word of God, not the Bible. Inspiration is not found exclusively in one, never to be revised or updated Anglican translation from the 1600s.

An objection often raised against the "King James Only Crowd" is that people learn something from the other (modern) versions, too, and that some even get saved: but I dare say that this occurs in spite of these errant versions, not because of them!

(Fred) But the fact remains: these individuals were saved. That implies clearly that God uses those dreaded modern versions. I guess, though, that these poor people are going to be left languishing in immaturity and a lack of sanctification unless they pick up a KJV.

The Authorized Version of 1611, or, in other words, the King James Bible, stands alone in its uniqueness, integrity, and fidelity to the truthfulness of God’s Word. Among reasons why this writer holds this conviction is because of the great harm done not only to the Word of God, but the detriment wrought in the local church in its public worship, and, of course, because of the confusion created in countless group and individual Bible studies.

(Fred) It may surprisee our friend here to know that the AV-KJV is regularly used by Church goers in England to this very day. There is not a surge of modern Bibles dominating the market there. Yet, the UK, the home of the KJV, is quicklysuccumbingg to a pressing Islamic immigrant problem and local churches are closing there doors or selling their property to cults and foreign religions.

After all, it could be said: How do you think your professor would think or feel if all of his students used different textbooks in his class?! In our case, God is our Great Professor! He alone is the one true God, who has walked among us upon this earth and left us the living and enduring legacy of His Word and His Spirit. Until He comes, Amen.

(Fred) But it is pointless to have everyone sharing one text book that cannot be utilized by the students because the language is antiquated. God has certainly left us a legacy of His Word, but His Word wasn't meant to remain frozen and eternally fixed in the language of the 17th century.



Blogger thomas4881 said...

I'm thankful I never ran across the KJV ONLYISM stuff until I read my NIV bible many times. Once I did run into KJV ONLYISM I set out on the internet to find all information I could on the subject. I feel KJV ONLYISM is a sad theology that diverts peoples attention away from studying Doctrine. It stunts spiritual growth. Studying textual criticism before studying the doctrines of the bible doesen't contribute anything to the spirituality of men. Textual criticism takes hundreds of hours to gain sound discernment. That seems to be the ploy behind the KJV ONLYIST. KJV ONLYIST would have you waste hundreds of hours you could have dedicated to getting to know the Lord. The only good reason to spend the time is to counter the KJV ONLY lunacy in hopes God will grant repentance to those decieved.

10:34 AM, October 13, 2006  

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