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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pets who hate their owners

I promise I will return to sober theology shortly...

Halloween is not only the time when people like to embarrass their children, marring their psychies to the point of having no hope of proper social interaction; it is also the time when they like to humiliate their pets as well. These are people with no shame. They also usually have no life.

When trick-or-treating goes to the dogs:

Of course we have Star Wars costumes for your pets!

Hate my owner I do

What self-respecting cat would ever allow himself to be dressed up like a goon without a serious scratching to be handed out to the owner? Well, here are two. They must have been declawed.



Blogger The Girl in Grey said...

I'll be filing a complaint. Those things ought to be BANNED!
My sixteen cats are treated well at all times, of course.

Chiuahuas are, of course, not real dogs anyhow. Like toy poodles. But what was done to the Dachshund is unforgiveable. The criminal responsible should be given at least ten years.
For what was done to those cats... well, if I ever find out who it was, they'll be in trouble.

(my sister says I have a thing about cats. She may be right)

12:57 PM, October 25, 2006  

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