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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Glorious Mucus Lining

Welp, this marks my last official week of radiation treatments. I have two more days next week and then I am done and it can't be soon enough.

Let me see, what will I NOT miss the most?:

The thick, syrupy sensation constantly in my mouth?
the feeling of a hard, salt cube lodged in my throat?
the mouth sores?
the inability to taste (every thing tastes like metal)?
the fiery radiation burn on the side of my neck?

But hey, I am not complaining.

One thing I learned through this ordeal: a mucus lining is really important. It is solid evidence against evolution, because its like one of those irreducibly complex things no thinks twice about until it is not properly functioning.

Apparently, running through out a person's esophagus and down through the digestive track is a lining of mucus. It helps things slide down easily and keeps hard food, like nuts, from being hung up in your throat so you won't choke. It is also helpful in removing disease and other harmful particles that can do you harm.

High doses of radiation dries that lining out and hence the sore throats begin. The difficulty swallowing is miserable.

Thus, we see another fine example of God's wisdom in creation. Evolution, with its descent with modification and increased complexity over millions of years by natural selection and mutations cannot have happened in the case of the mucus lining. Highly complex organisms like human beings came intact with a mucus lining, for without it, no one could have been able to survive to the next generation without choking to death on something as soft as noodles.

I always love it when Darwinianism is debunked, but does evidence need to be so painful?


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Blogger Peter D. Nelson said...

Fred only you my brother could find the glory of God in a mucus lining. Well done.

10:48 PM, October 20, 2006  

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