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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Responding to Islamic Objections

Over the Labor Day weekend when Adam Gadahn showed up on a video insulting Christians and western values in his phony Middle Eastern accent, I put a link to an open letter I composed to the Muslim squirt last year in response to a previous video with similar vitriol. I was stunned that many folks were stopping by my blog because they had googled his name and my site was right near the top of the list.

A Muslim visitor stopped by and became rather annoyed with my "open letter" and left a scathing comment that you can read here.

I thought I would bring the comments to the front page and interact with some of the points.

Comments are in bold, mine follow:

Fred, I am shocked to read your letter.

I don't find that response surprising. One of the glorious things about the world wide web is the ease of ability a person has to interact with ideas he or she may never have encountered before. For a person who is from an Islamic country where no religious dissent is tolerated, such a letter can be shocking. The person is encountering someone - perhaps for the first time - who believes his religion is internally inconsistent and that its founder, in this case Mohammed, was a religious fraud, and is not afraid to say so.

Though on one hand, the Internet can be a bad thing with all of the wickedness humanity has to offer being readily available with a couple of finger clicks on the mouse, yet on the other, the Internet can be a tool to liberate a person from errant thinking and beliefs. It is here in the forum of the Internet that God can use my criticisms of Islam to take captive the mind of the Muslim and tear down that stronghold of his mind so that the true Gospel can shine forth to bring him to the knowledge of the true and living God and His Son Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). I tend to look at the web in this manner, because I just may be introducing the commenter to the true, biblical Jesus, not the distorted image presented by the Islamic apologists who readily revise the Bible to fit their beliefs.

You say you are a Christian living in America. I have lived and worked in America a good part of my life but never heard of a person so ignorant and stupid as you are. You are not a good Christian either. The difference between you and Mr Yahiya (although I do not entire agree with the extent of his anger and frustration) is that while you are prepared to use abusive language for the GREAT Prophet, Mr Yahiya will never ever use the same language neither for your GOD nor for your prophet. You know the reason, because a true believer will never abuse others prophet or their religion.

Several things here: First, I would be curious as to what the commenter has in mind by calling me "ignorant" and "stupid." In relation to what, exactly? Could the person perhaps provide some examples? Am I wrong about Islam's violent war like history? The Qur'an's lack of readability? Mohammed being a religious flim-flam artist? I provided specifics in my letter.

Second, to what extent does this commenter agree with Gadahn's anger and fustration? To the point of wanting Americans who oppose him and his gang of religious thugs to be killed, or does he have a boundary?

Third, Muslim apologists as a matter of habit, ridicule and abuse Jesus. Deedat, the famed Muslim anti-Christian apologists of the 70s and 80s made it his expertise to blaspheme the biblical record of Jesus Christ. This is documented in lots of places.

Moreover, Adam Gadahn, in claiming that I, as a Christian, am wrong about Jesus is in fact abusing my "prophet" so to speak. In his mind, obviously God was not powerful enough to properly reveal Himself and His will the first time with the OT and NT, thus He had to abrogate His previous revelation and replace it with the mental patient ramblings of the Islamic founder. Gadahn is saying that Jesus was wrong with his claims of deity and sovereign authority as recorded in the gospels.

But let us lay that aside for the moment and respond to this ridiculous notion that true believers, what ever that is, will never abuse other prophets of other religions:

That claim is false on two grounds:

a). It assumes all religious belief is equally compelling, valid, and true and should never be criticized. Thus, Wiccan paganism is just as valid a belief system as Islam and should never have its truth claims challenged. The Muslim apologist, then, would never mock the large bottomed female images of the Wiccan practitioners. I don't believe there is a faithfully practicing Muslim that would have such a "live and let live" attitude toward Wiccan's in their midsts.

b). The Bible is replete with God's prophets openly ridiculing and in the words of the commenter, "abusing the prophets or their religions." Moses did this in Exodus, and Elijah certainly did when confronting the priests of Baal. Seeing that Islam recognizes both Moses and Elijah as prophets in the line of great Muslims leading up to Mohammed, this statement about prophet abuse outright contradicts fundamental Islamic convictions. Either Moses and Elijah were true believers, or they were not. Seeing that both "abused" the so-called prophets and their religions of their time (in the case of Elijah, killing them with a sword) they couldn't be "true believers" using this logic, thus it would contradict what Islam teaches about these two men. We have a problem here.

In your so called 'open letter' you say you hate Islam and anything associated with it, its Prophet, its God and its Holy book. One wonders why? Because you are afraid of Islam and you know it is coming and spreading fast. There is something about Islam you must agree. It inspires excitement to the very core of human soul which perhaps scares people like youself. There must be a reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion on this planet and as you know the fastest growth has in fact been in the US. You must be surprised about this fact. I am talking about the religion you have disrespected so much.

So this is how the truthfulness of a belief is to be determined? By majority rule and if people really, really feel the belief in their hearts? Interesting that many former Muslims did not share this person's sentiments about Islam. For example, this former Imam. My disrespect of Islam has nothing to do with it being the fast growing religion (though I question that claim) that could potentially take over the world, it has to do with the ethics, values and rationality of the religion itself. In other words, the validity of Islam as a worldview.

What most people in the international community (forget about Muslims) disagree with is the state of Israel. There can be no peace until it leaves the land occupied from Muslims or they will continue their struggle.

The problem with this statement is that Israel has left land occupied by Muslims and yet the Muslims still insist upon fighting the Jews. So, in reality, it is the Jewish people the Muslim is at odds with and Israel as a state represents the Jew. The commenter would not be happy until Israel and its government ceased to function and ultimately exist and Muslim shiria ruled the land there. That of course would mean the Jews would all have to be killed.

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Blogger Linus said...

you are a man of rational-thinking. you can use your sound logic to your benefit if you will read my blog OBJECTIVELY without any prejudice.

12:18 AM, September 07, 2006  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Hey Linus,

I did read your blog objectively and with an open mind, and I still remain unconvinced of the beauty of Islam. I would be happy to discuss our differences if you wish. I imagine that you probably were not to clued in to Christianity when you became a Muslim and probably your main interaction with Christianity is the Roman Catholic heretical variety, so I contend that you haven't really read up on Christianity.

It may be wise for you to read this blog entry before moving on.


6:18 AM, September 07, 2006  

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