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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mile Stone

I activated a site meter last Monday, and since then, I discovered I have a lot of blog activity here at Hip and Thigh. At least an average of 130 hits a day. Over this past holiday weekend, my blog reached a thousand hits. That is in just at a week's time. I was truly stunned.

Now I am sure Frank Turk probably chortled a snorty laugh upon reading a "1000 hits" in just one week, because he probably gets close to that in a couple of days. But hey, I'll take that. I think a thousand in a week is pretty cool. I feel like the mayor of Cave City, Arkansas, "water melon capital of the world" or something.

What is even neater is how the site meter allows you to find out where the people who read your blog live and what website referred them to your site and what blogs interested them. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had a lot of visitors from overseas from countries like Australia, the U.K., India and even one person from Israel.

Because Adam Gadahn was in the news this past week, showcasing his new video, many folks from around the world googled his name and were directed to my "Open Letter." I had hits from all over the place, from all sorts of folks. In fact, I had some Muslim visitors, because one happened to leave a scathing comment under the "open letter" post. (I plan to respond to the comment soon).

Any how, thanks to all you visitors out there who take the time to stop by. It is rewarding to know I have folks who enjoy themselves while they are here.


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